Are you afraid to use COLOR?

Are most walls in your home white?  Are they still the same color as the day you moved in?  Or did you actually paint the walls, but after much back and forth, decided on off-white?  Are you afraid of COLOR? Decorating your space can be lots of fun, but at the same time quite challenging and intimidating!  Choosing a color for each room can be difficult, especially in many of today’s homes where the first floor is completely open and each room flows from one to another.  BUT, it can be done!  First ask yourself, what is the overall look you are trying to achieve? What is the theme and feel or your home? Modern, formal, relaxed, traditional, etc. Then start thinking about what colors you LIKE and what APPEALS to you.  Take the fabrics and patterns that will be in that space and choose colors from them.  Choose a neutral color from the fabrics and that will be your main paint choice.  If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, paint one of the walls an accent color.  This accent color can be a completely different color (also chosen from the fabrics) or a darker version of the main color.  This gives the room a real focal point and is such an eye catcher!

When spaces are linked and flow from one to another, you have to choose a color palette that meshes/blends together.  Again, take colors from the fabrics that you’re using.  You can also use one fabric as an accent fabric (maybe a pillow) and use it in a numerous places…again to continue the flow and continuity.  Many years ago while in school, I heard this great ‘rule of thumb’, which is the 60:30:10 ratio.  60% of the space(s) is one color, 30% of the space is another, and 10% is an accent wall.

Another tip, use one color (maybe on the lighter side) for public spaces such as the hallway(s), stairs, etc. Also, start and stop colors from one room to the next at a defined point. 


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