Feng Shui Elements for your Interior

Have you ever wondered what colors mean and how they make you feel?  Color is the easiest way to change your mood and the energies that surround you.  With the art of Feng Shui you can learn how the color on your walls and around your house, impact your home’s oasis.

Five key elements of Feng Shui

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Water

Each element plays a different role in your surrounding energies and can help you choose colors for your home that provide a tranquil and serene environment for the mood you want to achieve.


The earth represents the root of your home and will help create protection and stability.  Colors associated with earth are beige, light yellows, creams, sand; any light color that’s soothing and a feeling of serenity. Earth is the center of your home.


The Feng Shui element of fire is thought to be opposite of Earth.  Fire is about heat and intensity.  Colors of red, orange, pink, purple, and bright yellow are associated with fire! Using any of these colors will give you energy and fire-power.


The element of wood indicates prosperity, health, and growth.  The trees surrounding us are made of wood and provide oxygen for us to live.  Colors of the wood element are brown and green.  Money, as well, is green and another indicator of growth and wealth.


In Feng Shui, metal indicates the preciseness and sharpness of your life.  It will bring clarity and a defined place on the choices you make. The colors representative of metal are gray and white.


Lastly, water is the element of purity, freshness, and cleanliness.  It has a calming and refreshing feeling.  Colors of water are blue and black.

Use these elements of color throughout your home to provide a harmonious and relaxing environment to grow.  Don’t think of these colors for only your walls.  Incorporate them throughout your home in furnishings, artwork, and overall interior fabrics and selections.  Color should inspire you and bring new light to your life and environment.  Enjoy!


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