New Life for Old Furniture

When all else fails and you don’t want to spend more money on new furniture (or cover your sofa in plastic like grandma)…buy a slipcover.  So many styles, So many choices.  Slipcovers have actually been around since the 17th century ~ who knew?!?  They started out as a muslin fabric, but have made a complete 180…the selection of slipcovers today is incredible!
And it’s a great idea for a FAMILY-FRIENDLY SPACE.
A light, solid fabric for the slipcover in this beach cottage,
keeps the room fresh and airy
A neutral fabric on a slipcover offers a clean palette for
lots of fun and trendy fabrics for pillows
This is the interior of the movie, Something’s Gotta Give ~ LOVED the interior design in that movie.  The chairs and sofa are slipcovered in a tailored cream-colored fabric…  To achieve this look, visit a local upholsterer, who will fabricate a slipcover to fit the exact dimensions of your furniture.
 A more fit style may be appropriate for a modern space, but a loose style slipcover makes sense for a casual and relaxed feel.  Choose a cotton that can be easily washed and stands up over time…especially with KIDS!
Slipcovers aren’t only for your sofa and chairs, they can transform any piece of furniture that you want to update!  Love these tailored slipcovers over drear dining chairs.  For an everyday look, keep your chairs with their seat cushions only, and then for an elegant change, add the slipcovers for holidays or special occasions.
Once you’ve created a new life from your old piece of furniture, add some new pillows to spice it up!  Love these options by Henry Road, an LA-based studio and store that offers eclectic textiles and goods for your home.

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