The Simplest Pinecone Wreath!

I love the look of wreaths filled with pinecones, and was about 5 seconds from buying two over the weekend, until I looked at the price tag.  I was not paying $25 for pinecones, when my own backyard is filled with these lovely organic treasures.  But before putting the pinecone wreaths (that I … [Read more...]

Home for the Holidays

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We spent a great few days with family in New Jersey, and headed back to the ADKs (a.k.a., the Adirondacks) on Friday and it sure was cold...the temps are definitely dropping, winter is coming, and the holidays will be here before you know it! … [Read more...]

My Winter Wreath Creation

In the midst of preparing for Thanksgiving and taking care of my two crazy fun and amazing children, I had a few ~ very few ~ moments of downtime to create this Holiday wreath...I have to say, I'm quite happy with it! I'm always searching the web for new ideas and inspiration.  One of my … [Read more...]

Trouble at TJs

I had some 'me' time this afternoon and what did I do??? ...went to TJ Maxx and got into major trouble with $$$, but scored some awesome pieces that I couldn't leave behind!  If I bought these same items at other stores, I would have spent $100s, but everything in the picture totaled less than … [Read more...]

A Simple Switch: Changing Your Cabinet Hardware

When we first moved into our home, a renovation to our kitchen space passed my mind, but didn't happen :(  That's day (I can dream for now ~ And if I got all my dreams today, I would have nothing to dream/strive for, right?! )  Anyway, SOOO....a quick fix that made a huge change to the … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Tiling a Backsplash

Simple things, make a BIG difference. I'm always sprucing my house, thinking about what to update, and continually making changes.  A quick reno that I just finished was adding a tile backsplash to my powder room sink. This is how the powder room looked before we moved in. The walls were … [Read more...]

Estate Sale Finds

Some of the best pieces in my home, I found at estate sales. An estate sale is a great place to find unique and conversational items that you wouldn't see at an ordinary home furnishings store. Some typical estate sale finds, such as dining room chairs, buffets, side tables, coffee tables, etc, can … [Read more...]