Dress Your Interiors, Like You Dress Yourself

Thinking about the arrival of Fall (and soon, Winter) brings on the thoughts of layering the clothes we wear, which then got me thinking about layering our interiors.  Just like the Little Black Dress that we layer with beautiful jewelry, dressing your home with current pieces can instantly update your entire look!
Investing in good-quality furniture pieces in a neutral palette will allow you the option to layer pillows and accessories that can be easily changed throughout the seasons, and won’t break the bank.  For your core items, choose fabrics that are durable and will wear better with age ~ chenilles and distressed leather, are a great option!
Start to {LAYER}
Add your favorite colors…
do you like the warm colors of golds, reds, and beiges  
are you a cool colored fan of blues and greens?  
Whichever your prefer…introduce color as you build your layers!
{Layer accessories}
Layering is not just adding pillows to your sofa, but can be any detail that you add to your base pieces that bring your interiors to the next level.  As in the picture above ~ adding books, a serving tray, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers ~ dresses the coffee table and gives it a fresh and playful touch.  Take it a step further….  a simple throw is hung over the arm of the chair = elegance!  And look at the side table behind the sofa  ~ two lamps, hurricane glasses, and a planter ~ gives height and drama to the room…a true statement wall!
A NO cost way to revitalize your interiors is to repurpose and 
move items around that you already own.

 {Incorporate texture and pattern}
Using fabrics with different textures and patterns gives relief and dimension to your design.  The cool colors of greens and blues, blend well with warm tones, like orange, beige, and chocolate, seen in this pillow!
{Layering for your 
Window Treatments}
Whether long drapes, a valance, or bamboo shades, introducing a material on your window(s), creates a focal point and adds height to your space.  Layering your window treatments provides not only functionality, but also depth and a bit of playfulness!
{Layering for your Walls}
You’ve got the pillows, accessories, and window treatments, but the final touch are your walls! Artwork and wall accessories have to be introduced into your space to make the look complete.  Paint on the walls is great, but take an extra step and wallpaper one wall (or the entire room) with grass cloth or a trendy wallpaper = WOW! THEN add the art.  Again, use your imagination and think creatively when choosing items for your walls.  I love the idea of framing a scarf or old printwork. Frame your child’s artwork or your stamp collection.  Your options are endless!

Another thought to keep in mind when building the layers of your interiors, is to move your accessories around (every-so often) to keep a fresh look.  Here’s an example of a chaise in my bedroom, that when layered with certain pillows has a completely new look!

Before – Plain Jane
Pillow Option 1 Pillow Option 2
Pillow Option 3

I hope I’ve inspired you to create a space where you can continually update your interior to feel fresh and new, but in a costly manner by having quality core pieces that give a clean palette for layering! 
(images courtesy of decor pad, house and home)

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