For the Love of Sconces

I ♥ sconces…they fit in any decor  ~ traditional or modern, classic or contemporary ~ and there is a design for every style!  Wall sconces are ideal for any space that needs additional indirect lighting or any where you want to simply MAKE A STATEMENT.  Since the light provided from a wall sconce is usually minimal, it is just enough to create a soothing and relaxing ambience, but also negate unwanted shadows created by overhead downlight(s).

The wall sconces above by Horchow are so stylish and their striking, 
but simplistic design, will complement any decor.
  The black shades on the wall sconces above really make them POP off the wall.  The wall paint, trim, and accessories are white or light-hued, but the dark floor, chairs, and shades (on the wall sconces) provide the space with so much depth and contrast!

Th chandeliers in the above pictures are exquisite and
I love how the sconces coordinate with the same / similar design. 

What a simple sconce that makes a big impact!  
Add one to your wall or arrange multiple to create a WALL OF ART.
Chic Wall Sconces by Ballard Designs
This bedroom view is from Dandelion Interiors and displays a simple, yet smart way of making your sconces part of your art, as well as being functional.  Sometimes you don’t want lamps or accessories cluttering your side tables, so simply add a sconce on the wall….and you don’t even need to do any wiring!  As seen above, many sconces come with cord covers, so you can easily plug the cord into an outlet and achieve a sophisticated look in minutes!

The wall sconces above are available through Lighting Universe, which offers a large selection of wall sconces, as well as other lighting options for your home!  
Other lighting resources include:
These are attractive sconces by Waterworks…classic touches with a minimalistic design.
Whether you want to highlight your fireplace, add more light to your room, or simply make a statement, choose a wall sconce that makes an impact and adds attention / drama to the wall, as well as to incorporate a soft lighting effect!

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