Home for the Holidays

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We spent a great few days with family in New Jersey, and headed back to the ADKs (a.k.a., the Adirondacks) on Friday and it sure was cold…the temps are definitely dropping, winter is coming, and the holidays will be here before you know it!  We spent part of the weekend decorating for Christmas which is less than a month away…wow… and I have some pictures to share.  I’ve been working on some projects as well, but have more to go, but at least the transformation is underway!

{The Tree}
 Here is the finished TREE…it took some time to get here, but it’s finished (well, maybeI’m thinking it needs some bows or ribbon??!?)
{Step by Step}
We brought the boxes up from the basement, one by one, and the decorating STARTED! It’s fun to see all the Holiday ornaments after being stored for so long throughout the year.
 I love these miniature houses that I have displayed on the buffet in the Dining Room.  Next to the firehouse is our Advent Wreath…we light the first candle tonight at dinner!
{The Stockings are Hung by the 
Chimney With Care}

{Some New Ornaments & Some Old}

{Dining Room Centerpiece}
 This is one project that I worked on over the weekend ~ My Organic Centerpiece Tree ~ So pretty, yet simple.  I will show you how to create this later in the week…STAY TUNED!

{Dining Room}
 Well it wasn’t a relaxing weekend, but O WELL, it was fun getting ready for the upcoming Holidays!  This is the first year that we’ll be in this home and it was quite challenging, yet exciting, to fit the decor from our previous home into our new setting.  This is the dining area, decked out with my new organic centerpiece tree and the new pinecone wreaths that I also made over the weekend ~ I WAS BUSY!
I hope you enjoyed some of my holiday decor 
and I can’t wait to see how you’re transforming your 
Home for the Holidays!

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