Makeover your Mantel for the Holidays!

It’s all in the {DETAILS} when decorating for the Holidays, and decking out your mantel is a must!  I’ve designed my mantel with lots of greenery (real and fake), berries, candles, ornaments, stockings, and of course good ole’ Saint Nicholas!

I have this artificial garland that I use every year to decorate, but it just wasn’t cuttin’ this year.  After looking at the pictures I posted the other day of my Home for the Holidays, I thought the greenery needed MORE!  So this morning, I went outside and cut branches off the pine tree….I knew I kept that tree for a reason, haha!
So I weaved the {REAL}with the {FAKE}, and Voila…beauty and happiness!
 Using my Footed Hurricane that I got from Willow House, along with some other glass vases that I got at AC Moore, I filled them up with ornaments, berries, and pinecones galore!
Decorating TIP for your mantel ~ no matter the season:  Vary the heights of what you’re displaying.  Have something taller near the ends of your mantel and something lower towards the center…this gives visual appeal and ‘picture’ frames the middle of your mantel. 
Another versatile piece that I use year round is this Candelabra that I got from Willow House.  Change the candles to reflect the season ~ add pumpkins in the Fall….use flowers in the Spring ~ ideas are endless!
My husband’s grandmother used to love Christmas and collected pins, 
so after her passing, we included the pins on our stockings in her memory.
And of course, you can’t have Christmas without Old Saint Nicholas, 
and he sits purched up on the mantel to watch over us!
 {Other Magnificent Mantels}
Love the simplicity of the different colored and shaped berries, along with the beautiful Angel
You never can go wrong with a grouping of candles!
Not overly crazy about this mantel, but I added it to the bunch because I like the 
pop of RED & GREEN against the WHITE palette.
A definite{Fun and Playful} look!
I hope you’ve enjoyed my fireplace mantels, along with other creative ideas!  
How are you going to decorate your mantel this season?  
I’d love to see pictures…Please SHARE!

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  1. Splurgie says

    We also cut evergreen from the yard for holiday decorations. It's the only time those poor trees get pruned. Your mantel looks as lovely as the others in your post. I love the idea of displaying your grandmother-in-law's pins. I'm sure she'd approve.

  2. Jenna @ SAS Interiors - Simple. Affordable. Stylish. says

    Love the ideas! Cant wait to decorate this weekend.

    Comment via Facebook

  3. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    Pretty mantel and love the inspirational ones. The one you said you weren't crazy about I love with the white and red and green. I had started putting my white vintage vases and bowls on the mantel, but it didn't look right in my house.

  4. Jenna @ SAS Interiors - Simple. Affordable. Stylish. says

    Thanks Kim…I think the oddly places stocking is throwing me off, lol…I do like the vintage vases and bowls of varying heights :)

  5. Bonnie@Creative Decorating says

    I love the mantle! It looks wonderful and my favorite is the berry wreath. I am hoping to find one reasonably price but no luck yet!