Kitchen Renovation Update: Decisions have been made!

A little update on my (minor) kitchen reno... I found some interesting ideas while making a pit stop @ Home Depot AND Lowe's yesterday.  After lots of thought, I've made some decisions!  I LOVE the idea of painting my kitchen cabinets black as I posted the other day, but am relunctant because the … [Read more...]

Escaped to the Outdoors

What a DAY!  A bit of cabin fever was setting in and I needed to escape.  I spent part of the day at a local NY State Park with the kids and enjoyed the beautiful snow that we were blessed with yesterday!  Being outdoors was exhilarating, and reminded me of a post that I wrote awhile back about … [Read more...]

I’m BACK and thinking BLACK!

I hope you truly enjoyed your Christmas and had some enjoyable time with your family and friends! A little time-off for me was great...I feel revived and ready to start my projects for 2011 (even though we still have a week to go in 2010)! Since the one year anniversary of living in our home is … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: Holiday Traditions

So I'm switching it up today and have invited Jenn from Green Door Designs to do a Guest Blog.  Jenn and I are both Willow House Design Consultants, and started our Interior Design and Decor blogs around the same time.  Even though we've never met in person, lots of emails and messages … [Read more...]

Organic Centerpiece for your Holiday Table

Displaying a centerpiece on a dining table adds visual intrigue and character.  Especially around the Holidays, a table arrangement adds flair, color, and completes the look of your overall decor style.  During the winter months, when most time is spent indoors, it's nice to incorporate natural and … [Read more...]