Behind the Scenes at a Willow House Photo Shoot

Have you ever flipped through a catalog or magazine and wondered how the picture was created? Every scene you see has been styled and propped to perfection.  
Here is a {Behind the Scenes} look at a Willow House photoshoot:

 {Catalog View – page 58/59}
Inspired by the jewel-toned colors of the Prism Glass Ornaments, this exquisite table was created using a basic piece of burlap (made into a runner) and branches found in the home-owners yard.  Then layered on top of that are colorful flower balls covered with a Glass Dome, as well as the Emerson Stemware and Hawthorne Hurricane.  Love the look of the flower balls? Keep Reading….
{Behind the Scenes}

 Looks like a BUSY DAY @ Willow House!  
A lot of work goes into creating ONE shot.

 Cool, huh?  I love seeing how things are created. 
How funny is it that they made the dining chairs sit higher with bed stilts?!

Here’s how to create the Flower Balls:
  1. Gather your supplies: An Oasis (floral foam) sphere, grocery store flowers like roses or kermit mums (about three bunches per finished ball) and a pair of scissors. ~ You could also use artificial flowers so your arrangement stays longer.
  2. Immerse your Oasis in water for at least 20 minutes so it absorbs enough water to keep your flowers alive. ~ Or skip this step if using artificial flowers.
  3. Trim a couple of flowers so their stems are very short — about half an inch long — then poke the stems directly into the sphere. Arrange flowers so that no floral foam shows through.
  4. Repeat this step until your flower ball is covered. Then, enjoy! The foam will keep the flowers watered, so you can display your flower ball on a plate, under a dome, or on a candlestand!
Top them off with the Petite Glass Dome and/or the Tall Glass Dome = ELEGANCE
Images and Instructions courtesy of Plate and Pattern

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  1. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    I knew from reading about other photo shoots that it takes a lot of stuff and work for each shot. That is funny putting the table and chairs on stilts. Thanks so much for stopping by and the lovely comment.