Repurposing your Extra Ornaments

Do you have extra ornaments left over that just didn’t fit onto the Christmas tree this year?  Here are some ideas on how to repurpose your ornaments, so they don’t get left behind (or remain unused in the box)…

Ornaments don’t only have to be for the Christmas tree.  I love how this staircase banister is decked out with different ornaments hung at varying heights.  By simply using clear fishing line, loop it around the ornament hook & attach the other end to the banister.  Then finish off the rail with beautiful greenery!
Add some color to your mantel! 
Using a foam wreath, secure the ball ornaments with hot glue.  Use the largest ornaments on the inside and outside of the circle, then fill in the remaining areas with other size ball ornaments.  VOILA…BEAUTY!   (Hint: A 24″ wreath takes about 150 ball ornaments and the final dimension is about 35″ diameter)
 Incorporate ball ornaments into your Holiday dinner table.   
* Use them as part of your centerpiece 
* Introduce them on your dining chairs 
* Add them to your napkin rings 
* Include them on your place cards

 Ornaments can truly be used anywhere to create a stunning arrangement.  
All of the pictures showcase different color, different size, and different arranged ornaments, but all are a beautiful composition and would be eye-catching in any interior!

These looks can be created with things you already have laying around the house!  
Using ribbon, floral wire, greenery, ornaments (of course), and  
{your imagination}, a beautiful garland swag can be created!
For a quick change to your chandelier…add some ornaments using pretty ribbon.  
To take it a step further, weave greenery through the chandelier.
Using varying sized ornaments in a chocolate gold hue, I created this centerpiece for my dining room table for the Holidays. Learn More
How have you used ball ornaments other than on your Christmas Tree?  I hope I’ve given you some inspiring ideas on how and where to use your extra ornaments.  
Happy Holidays!

Images courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

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  1. Designs on 47th Street says

    Ornaments are so beautiful. I have to admit more times than not, I end up with many ornaments left in boxes. You have shown us many fun ways to use them. I love the going down the bannister. I always have a bowl filled with special antique ones that belonged to my dear mother in law.


  2. Jeff and Melissa says

    I like the chandelier idea because they are not kid accessible! If I find the time I will definitely be giving it a try!

  3. Gina says

    I love decorating with the glass ball ornaments – gorgeous pics!

    Just stopping by from the Shopper Gal blog hop – lovely blog! I am always on a quest to re-do something in my home :). I am following now and can't wait for more of your ideas!

  4. Kelly @ JAX does design says

    I love the colourful ornament wreath :-) I bought a silver ornament wreath at Pier 1 last year and jazzed it up with some purple & turquoise ornaments this year.

    Also love the look of smaller ornaments in a class vase or bowl :-)