These are a few of my Favorite Things

I have to admit, I’m a fan of Oprah, and love to watch her {Favorite Things} show that airs every December ~ This year was her last and she had two full days of her {Favorite Things}.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the show, and most likely have seen it as well.  It’s where she shares with the audience (and the world) all the things she loves and uses.  It got me thinking…‘What are my favorite things that I REALLY enjoy and would find difficult to live without’?  

{My Top 10}
Sad to say, but my Iphone is probably the number one thing I couldn’t live without.  Believe me…I WISH I could live without it, but the convenience of this little black electronic device is not to be without!!  To have the capability of having one device with a  phone, email access, camera, calendar, calculator, maps/directions, and so much more that fits in your back pocket is mind-blogging!
My second favorite thing is my DSLR Nikon camera.  I could live without this, but it would be a shame.  I got this camera for my birthday last summer and can say I use it almost every day!  At the moment, it’s actually being repaired because the rim around the lens was dented (dropped it, ugh) and I’m SO sad without it.  I’ve said on numerous occasions so far…bummer, I wish I had my Nikon!  I have a point and shoot camera, but once you use a SLR, you’ll never go back.
 A favorite of mine (and most people) is the World Wide Web.  Can you imagine not having the internet at your fingertips.  Anything you want to read, look up, order, can be found on the WWW! I can actually remember saying (about 15 years ago), ‘I don’t get it, what would I use the internet for?’
This West Elm desk is a favorite of mine and where I sit to do ALL my work (and where I’m sitting now, writing this post).  I LOVE this desk…it’s the perfect size, style, and color.   It’s also positioned in the perfect spot in my home, where I can see just about everything that’s happening…even though I’m working, I have my eyes looking all around.
My Lands End Tote is a definite on my favorite list!  I have a medium & large size,  and they have SO many uses.  These bags are sturdy, durable, and stylish.  I’ve used mine as a diaper bag, for beach towels/supplies, for my interior samples,  and the list continues…
Ahhh…My Keurig!  Maybe this should be on the top of my list because my coffee is what gets me up and moving in the morning.  Most mornings, this is the first thing I say ‘Good Morning’ to, so it’s definitely a favorite!
 Just this Christmas, I was introduced to WoodWick for the first time.  They have an array of different scented candles and diffusers that emit an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G aroma!  I have the Frasier Fir scent and OMG does it smell like a real Evergreen Tree was in our house (it definitely was a great substitute for our artificial tree).
Definitely an item that I couldn’t leave off my list….an oldie, but goodie….My straightening iron!  I’ve been straightening my hair for ?? years (too long to mention) and I wouldn’t be able to live without it!  Well I guess I could live without it, but I’d look horrible…

Last, but certainly not least…a watch, any watch would do…I have my favorite, of course (different than pictured above),  but I’m always checking the time and would be lost without! Time matters so much in my life ~ the time that I have for myself before anyone wakes up, the time I have to get my son to school, the time when my daughter is napping (so I can work), the time to pick my son up from school and then get dinner ready, bed time for the kids, and lastly My TIME at nighttime after everyone’s asleep.  Even though I would love not to look at the clock, Time is essential in my life.

Well thank you for taking a peak at  
{My Favorite Things}!  
What are your favorite things that you couldn’t live without?

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  1. Rhianna says

    Will you also be giving away any of these items like Oprah? Lol, just kidding.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve been strolling thru your blog, too. I love reading blogs by interior designers, it's where I get a lot of ideas and inspiration. I’ll definitely be stopping by for your future posts!

    Have a great day!

  2. says

    I mentioned yesterday about creating a workspace in my bedroom. I like the clean lines of your desk! Where did you find it?

    Loving your blog…

    • Jenna says

      Hi Amanda-
      I LOVE this desk…it’s from West Elm. They also have a similar desk at Home Decorators, but I don’t know the quality.