Dressing your Decor with DENIM!

As the first post of the New Year, I feel the slight pressure of making it sound profound and find myself having writing anxiety.  So instead of attempting to discover a new design revelation, I’m just going to “jump right in” and write about what I know: design ideas that I hope inspire you to create a home you LOVE and never want to LEAVE!

Just like having the perfect pair of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fitting jeans, incorporating denim into your interiors can be just as stylish (and possibly even better)!  Fashion and Interiors have never before been so closely parralled.  Many well-known Fashion Designers have recently debuted Interior Decor Collections, and have quite alot of influence on the home decor industry.  Denim is a classic material in fashion and interior design, and has been a common thread seen throughout most runway shows over the past few years.  Because of it’s durability and affordable appeal, denim is a smart material to use to update your interior!  
{Denim in FASHION}
Denim seen on many of the runways of 
Top Designers like Ralph Lauren & Chloe
 {Denim in DECOR}
Introduce a Bold Blue denim into your decor ~ Pair it with a contrasting color, like this yellow wall, to make the space POP
Incorporate some Red, White, and Blue (classic americana)…
can we say Ralph Lauren?! 
Dress up Denim with studs
Pair your favorite denim with contrasting colors
…with like colors for a monochromatic look.
{Denim doesn’t have to be BLUE}
Denim…WHERE?  Yup, it’s the sofa.  Denim doesn’t have to be only blue.  This sofa is donning a charcoal gray colored denim, and it’s quite STRIKING!
Slipcover your sofa with white denim…(hint: buy/make two, so you always have an extra when one is in the wash).
Pair your denim with other
Loving the herringbone pattern denim quilt
{Denim in PAINT}
Skip the denim fabric and use it on your: walls, rug, furniture, OR accessories

{Denim is ICONIC}
Classic American Style – denim paired with chambray blues, stripes, and paisleys
{Denim DIY}
Most everyone has worn, faded, or non-fitting jeans that they don’t wear anymore.  Use them to create your own Denim DIY Design!
DIY Denim Projects: Make your own….
…..Upholstered Headboard in DENIM!  Not too long ago, I wrote a post on Upholstered Headboards and introducing denim will absolutely finish the look! 
….Cell Phone Cover using your Levi’s Labels
….Jewelry.  How amazing is this intricate & exquisite necklace by Kwilti
Check out some other pieces by Kwilti that are amazing:
….Pillows. Love this stylish creation by Hettle.
Will you be incorporating Denim into your Decor for 2011?

Images Courtesy of Livingetc, House and Home, House Beautiful, Country Living
(First pillow courtesy of blinkonmynose on Etsy)

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  1. Robin says

    Oh wow! What an absolutely delightful post! I love the sofas and little pot holder is darling! I'm gonna do one!!!
    Please come on over on Wednesday and link up your inspiration to All Things Inspired!
    I've told you before I think but I love your blog!