Spray Painting in the Snow

The last few days have been nothing but snow in the ADKs (short for Adirondacks, just in case you didn’t know) and there’s no better time of year to be spray painting than when it’s snowing and 10 degrees, right?  Not!  Who spray paints in the middle of winter?  ME…I am crazy!  My hands were freezing (and now they’re cracked).  My thought: During naptime (of course), I’d go into the garage and transform my newly purchased side chair.  The other day, I picked up two cans of spray paint and I was ready!  WELL…my project didn’t quite pan out as I anticipated….

{It doesn’t always go from blah to beauty in minutes…}
Let’s take a step back and look at the before:

 A snowy January day in the ADKs and I decide to spray paint OUTSIDE!
 This is the side chair that I picked up during my thrifting adventure last weekend.
I took the screws out of the seat, and it came off SO easy (at this point, all is going well)!!
{And here is when it all went down hill….}
I bought these two spray paints (thinking I’d also do a spray paint REVIEW for YOU…Oooo that rhymes!).  One can was $0.97 ( I had to give it a try since it was less than $1.00) and the other was your typical Krylon Spray Paint at $4+/-.  I was hoping to tell you that the {less than a dollar} version was fabulous, but it wasn’t.  Here comes the good ole’ expression ~  

You Get What You Pay For…and I certainly did.

Negatives (of the $0.97 spray paint): runny, no coverage, didn’t dry; Positives: NONE!  So on to the Krylon… I put on the first coat.  It wasn’t working out great and I was SOOO COLD…duh, it was 10 degrees outside.  SO I ditched the project for the day.

The next day I bundled up and headed out to buy actual paint that I could apply indoors.  I decided on a Martha Stewart paint that I had tinted to an off-white color (Sandpiper).  I thought the white spray paint was too stark anyway, and this off-white hue looks SO much better.
At this point…
{I was back on track}
Sanding ~ I don’t recommend sanding indoors (unless it’s below freezing, then it’s a must)!
Painting ~ After applying 3 coats, it’s almost done!
It’s not PERFECT, but I like it that way.  There are SO many coats of paint that have been applied over the years and it’d be a much longer project for me to strip it ALL down.
I recovered the seat with a linen colored durable fabric.
Lovely and especially with the Vday pillow.
Also in the midst of my “TOO many projects” ordeal, I hung one of the mirrors (from last weekends thrifting adventure) in my bedroom.  I love it!  After much thought, I decided NOT to change the color of the wood ~ it would be a sin!  The mirror is in great condition, so why mess with it?!  The wood finish is different than the other darker woods in my bedroom, but I didn’t have the heart to change it.  And I love the eclectic style ~ Just perfect!

Lastly, I received my lavender sachets that I won through a giveaway that Kate had ~ when I opened the package, the smell was truly scentsational! Thanks so much Kate.

No more spray painting projects for me till Springtime!

Have you recently transformed any furniture?

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  1. amberrae82 says

    Love it!! I have that same picture that is being reflected in your mirror! I dont know where you got yours but I found mine for a steal at 75%off. Its the one above the chest

  2. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Your chair turned out wonderful. I love the lines and the lovely cream color. Beautiful. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty