DIY: Bow Holder

Last week, I shared my son's DIY Skateboard Shelves, and this week I'm sharing a DIY project that I recently created for my daughter's room.  She has quite the collection of {pretty bows} and the box that was holding them, just wasn't cutting it anymore. With little time in the morning, I was tired … [Read more...]

Styling your Bookshelves to Create a Dazzling Display

Bookshelves, whether built-in or free standing, are a great way to fill a bare wall, give height to a room, and create a wall of art using a combination of books and accessories. No matter your budget, well-styled bookshelves can be the focal point of your space and make a true statement. Update … [Read more...]

Skateboard Shelves

I've been meaning to install shelves in my son's room for awhile, but wanted to do something unique and different.  At four years old, he has SO many interests, but one of his favorites is skateboarding.  So when recently putting the finishing touches on his "space", I thought making shelves out of … [Read more...]

Our Weekend Getaway: Stockbridge

This past weekend, my hubby and I, got into our parental "escape pod" (aka, our car) and wisked away to enjoy a tranquil, quiet weekend in the lovely town of Stockbridge, Massachussets.  We were literally gone for less than 24 hours, but it felt like a glorious week long vacation.  The goal of this … [Read more...]

2011 Design Trends: Infograph

As many of you know, over the past few weeks, I've been involved in a 'Blog Off' at e-local.  The last 'Blog-Off' question was about Home Improvement Trends for 2011.  This topic sprung a huge response and interest from professionals and home owners.  From the many response, this Infograph was … [Read more...]

Tutorial: How to Hang Wallpaper

For the past few weeks, I've been sharing my many recent basement updates with you and today I've got another one....   {How to Hang Wallpaper} The basement had been the one space in my home that was in major need of sprucing up, hence my many recent DIY project posts.   Last week, I debuted my … [Read more...]

DIY: Creating a Framed Chalkboard Wall

My son doing his best 'Vanna White" As you know from a few previous posts, I have been feverishly working on my basement revamp! One of the many projects  included creating a new Chalkboard Wall for the kids.  They just love using chalk on the driveway, but in these winter months that's … [Read more...]

My Mom Cave (Craft Area) Reveal!

Over the past year since moving into our home, we've had many {guests, parties, and gatherings}. As we've enjoyed showing off our new digs, not many people were allowed visited the basement {dun...dun...dun...}.  It was the only space we hadn't focused on until NOW. The basement was a bit of a scary … [Read more...]

DIY: Chalkboard Platter

Happy Groundhog Day... The pivotal point of the year when we await Famous Phil's emerging from underground to see if Spring will be here soon or if winter will be sticking around for another 6 weeks.  With all the snow we're having in the Northeast, was Phil even able to make his grand entrance … [Read more...]

7 Staple Ingredients to Fabulous Brownie Cookies

Today is surely a snowy day in many parts of the country.  I thought I'd share a tasty treat that I recently made for a get together with some girlfriends. I know it's a diversion from my {interior talk}, but once you taste these little joys of heaven, you'll be in pure … [Read more...]