Faux Animal Heads For Your Interiors

I had definite mixed feelings on writing a post about using faux animal heads in our interior decor.  Thinking about animal heads, brings me back to my childhood when I walked into a  friends house, and was welcomed everytime by what felt like the wilderness.  Those poor little animals now mounted on polished wood, made me heart ache

The interior topics that I usually cover, I feelpassionate about and want to share with others to use and incorporate in theirhomes.  But even though I may not like something, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write about it.   So how do you feel about displaying a “head” on the wall?  Do you think it’s a {trend} or a {well-deserved design element} that will withstand time?    Let’sexplore some interior spaces  to visually see if & how faux animal heads can enhance a space and be a true conversational show-stopper!

I recently incorporated an animal head in oneof my interior design concept samples and thought it really pulled the space together to create a cohesive aesthetic.  

Maybe not so bad….these spaces are quite chic and I DON’T feel like I’m in the {wilderness}Do You?

Available in a range of styles, materials, colors, and textures….you’ll find something that suits your interior style!  Check out these cute finds by Ruby’s Lounge

The mix of modern and traditional elements, creates such a sophisticated interior.  And to top it off, the textured wall with the cardboard made faux animal head is a MUST HAVE!
I love how the antlers are ‘watching over’ and ‘keeping guard’ of the space.
Use ONE, Use MANY.  If you’re looking for some antlers or faux animal heads to decorate your space, take a look at these: Ballard Designs & Williams and Sonoma.
These ‘heads’ are popping up everywhere ~ Take a look at them displayed at the 2010 Las Vegas Market.  This is a picture that Julie of Belle Maison snapped.  Stark white profiles on an apple green wall…So CHIC!
These beauties don’t have to cost a fortune either…MYO ~ here is a tutorial by Just Something I Made.
 My thoughts are making a shift….I have to admit, I’m kind of digging the FAUX look.  Animal heads (real and stuffed) have been a favorite of hunters for years, but the faux look is HOT right now!  Will it be short lived or is this ‘trend’ a keeper? What do you think? 

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  1. Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com says

    That is a mighty lot of animal heads. Some of them look pretty chic and cool though. I think it is better than walking into real deer heads on my walls lol. My hubby is a hunter to and that is still a big NO go for me. He has his own room for that :) Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it.

    Deb @ DejaRenew

  2. Teresa Choplin @ tchoplin2009(at)gmail(dot)com says

    I'm a new follower, first of all….and very glad I found your site. I personally feel that it is ok to put a "trophy" on the wall. I'm a hunter myself, and have had several mounts done. We eat the meat, so why not use the head for a memory? I'm also from the country and love to decorate my home with "country themes". I do like the alternative you have here though, because I'm sure it's not as costly as having a head mounted. I would not like to have someone's mount on my wall just for decor. If it's not my kill, then I'd prefer not to display it. I have also some deer hides that have been conditioned and tanned hanging on my wall. It is personal preference, but I'm for showing it off. Thanks for listening to a country girl. Have a great day! I'll for sure be back to read more. I love the look of the rooms above.

  3. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    I think all these new white antlers are a trend. I prefer the real vintage roe deer antlers from Austria for the walls and shed antlers for vignettes.

  4. C.R.A.F.T. says

    so happy i found your blog tonight! totally a trend…but if you like the trend, then you could turn it into a keeper :) who cares, as long as YOU like it!

  5. says

    I know what you mean! I feel the same way! There’s something about them that I like but I don’t know why…..I think it’s the uniqueness and the dimension and they’re kind of kitschy. But there is something that I don’t like about them as well… which is they’re still kind of creepy and kind of kitschy!
    I think it’s a trend that is loved by those who either hunt or who aren’t outdoors people but think it makes them look tough. ;-)
    Stacey recently posted..Happy National Craft Month!

  6. Jeff says

    Like the faux trophy heads ever since seeing them at a Scottsdale restaurant ~2007. If the heads are a “trend” then there must be some that are being replaced and are available for sale. The links provided don’t lead to vendors. Any current links would be appreciated.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Jeff for the comment. This post was published quite awhile ago, so many of the vendors may not carry the items anymore – sorry. Maybe a followup would be good – nice suggestion! -Jenna