Garden Stools for your Decor

Gardening Stools by Phil Michael Trading Co.

The next few days are going to be a sweet treat with the tease of some warmer weather making a visit…yes, 40 degrees is considered warm this time of year in the ADKs.  Thoughts of playing outside and endless days of soaking up the sun, are brewing in my head.   Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to new landscaping ideas and gathering gardening tips that I plan on implementing once the snow has long melted away (hopefully soon). With gardening on the brain, I started thinking about the ever so popular, gardening stools or sometimes known as drum tables.  Once considered for use only in the garden, these popular and versatile stools can be used all around the house ~ inside and out!  With the huge variety of  colors, styles, textures, and patterns, these  ‘stools’ have endless possibilities around the home.

How delightful to be greeted by these beauties every time you come home?!

Garden stools aren’t just used to look ‘pretty’, but can also be functionable.  Place them in your foyer or mudroom where they can be used for additional seating to put on shoes or place down a bag.

Add a Gardening Stool in your library…

…Or how about your bedroom.  This gardening stool with a blue and white floral design beautifully compliments the soft pink hues of the space.  It’s not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but can be used as a desk stool or nightstand.

They make perfect side tables to rest a drink or book.

Put your feet up.

Need extra seating or extra tables?  Here are 3…

Gardening stools can be found in an array of colors, sizes, textures, and designs.  This Asian influenced design by Homedeco-direct has a beautiful rectangular shape in muted hues.

Loving these metal versions by Wisteria….one or both of these would sure complete a space!

Amazing….these would look HOT in any space.  Check them out at Zgallerie!

Again these divine little JOYS would be perfect for a side table in your bedroom. We always could use a little extra space, right?

Mix traditional and modern ~ this Neoclassical settee is brought to life with it’s modern looking IKAT fabric and metal Asian-style gardening stool.   I’m also loving the contrasting pink flowers against the muted tones and blues of the room.

WOW….can you say incredible looking?!  These yellow toned gardening stools are a perfect complement to this amazing space.

I am just obsessing over these adorable and multi-use stools…. I’ve got to find one!   Have I convinced you enough to get one (or two) for your home?  If you’re loving the look just as much as I am, I’ve found a few at Overstock .com that are less than $100.  Another idea is to check out TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Marshalls ~ they are in the process of changing their stock and shelves from Winter to Spring, so you may score one for even less!

Images Courtesy of: Decor Pad, Ballard Designs

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