A Mix of Traditional + Contemporary = Transitional

Back in December, I was a Guest Blogger at Green Door Designs and wrote about my personal design style and aesthetic.  I recently revisited the post, and wanted to share it with you…
I appreciate all design styles, but my personal favorite is a transitional look, which is a mix of traditional elements combined with a little modern edge. The transitional style is truly the best of both worlds…it combines the stream-lined, minimalist look of contemporary with the detailed and more ornate look of traditional.  With a transitional style, you really can’t go wrong…there are no rules, no restrictions.  Let’s take a look at some examples…


{Eloquent Transitional}
This transitional look created by Designer, Sarah Richardson, says it ALL!  The oriental style rug fits in so eloquently with the wood & glass minimalist style table.  The deep navy colored block print fabric looks amazing on a more traditional style dining chair, which then coordinates beautifully with simple, yet sophisticated banded window treatments hanging on a minimalist rod.  I could go on and on about this amazing space….

{Chic Transitional}
This transitional space, designed by Cheryl Womack and featured in Atlanta Home Magazine combines the traditional aspects of Murano glass lamps and an antique dresser, with modern fabrics on the window treatments and crisp, white linens on the bed.  Simply chic & elegant!
{Eclectic Transitional}
This interior space is a favorite of mine.  You can truly find every design style in this living room, BUT it all works and is achieved by using a cohesive, neutral color palette and adding a POP of color here and there.  This space is also a nice example of how to create two intimate spaces using smaller rugs to divide and break up one large room.

When you’re feeling a little reluctant about mixing styles, don’t worry about it….the most important part of design is to incorporate pieces that you love, and it’ll all come together!  Sprinkle some old in with the new, and you’ll get a mix of {Transitional}
What is your favorite design style?

Images courtesy of Sarah Richardson, Cheryl Womack, Atlanta Homes Magazine, Traditional Home

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