Tour My Home: Girls Room ~ Honeysuckle Retreat

A few weeks ago I shared a glimpse of my daughters room with the bow holder that I created for all of her pretty hair accessories.  I received some questions from readers about the specifics of the space and thought it would be fun to do a "tour" of her girlified room. The moment I found out I … [Read more...]

The New Addition to our Family

haha...  gotcha...  NOT "that kind" of NEW ADDITION! But,this kind...... I always have SO many projects going on at my time and once I get something stuck in my head, I become fixated on it.  FOR EXAMPLE...   The latest stuck-in-my-head project was to find a desk for my living room.  I immediately … [Read more...]

How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

Even though it's technically Spring, it's difficult to believe, with all the snow still on the ground here in NY.  Thankfully my mindset is already on pretty Spring flowers to get me through the final days of the long drawn-out Winter.  I'm continually changing and updating my Dining Room display … [Read more...]

Creating a Kids Art Gallery Wall

Over the past month, I've been sharing the various steps of my basement transformation. It has taken on a life of it's own, BUT I can gladly say it is slowly, but surely, nearing the point of completion.  It's not a perfectly designed masterpiece, but a space that is fun and enjoyable for the kids … [Read more...]

Savory & Surprising Mac and Cheese

My good friend, Paula, mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she had this FABULOUS new recipe that I had to try.   Now I have to say, she is a great cook and everything she makes is delicious, so if she was raving about had to be good!  I have to confess ~ I still have yet to make the … [Read more...]

DIY: Turning an Old Rug into a Chevron Beauty!

In yesterday's post, I shared with you how the classic chevron pattern is back and better than ever with a new twist making a modern and BOLD statement.  I wanted to add the stylish chevron pattern in my own home, so I took the worn and blah sisal rug from  my front foyer and vamped it up with some … [Read more...]

Exploring the Fireplace and Television Debate

When a fireplace is incorporated into a design, it's usually the focal point of the room, but then the question is asked, "Where will the TV go?". Will adding a television lessen the importance of the fireplace? At times, the fireplace and television are frenemies because they both struggle for … [Read more...]