5 Simple Steps to Using an Online Paint Visualizer

Have you ever been reluctant to paint a room because you simply CAN NOT CHOOSE A COLOR??  Fear no more.  Most paint companies, if not all, offer a feature on their website that allows you to upload and virtually see your room with other paint colors.  Virtual visualizers are a great way to see how your space would look BEFORE investing endless hours and lots of money.

With the kids bathroom being the next space on my list to renovate, I thought virtually playing with some colors would help me hone in on what color to paint.  After checking out a few paint manufacturer sites, I found Sherwin Williams to be my favorite.  Their paint visualizer program was fast and user-friendly.  Within minutes and 5 simple steps, I was able to choose and see how different paint colors looked in my space.

Let’s take a look:

1. Go to ~ Sherwin Williams Visualizer

2. Click Upload Your Photo

Sherwin Williams Paint Visualizer


3. Choose Interior or Exterior scene (you could also use this virtual visualizer to experiment with the exterior colors of your home).  Name your photo (ie: Kids Bathroom).  Click Continue and the picture will upload.

Sherwin Williams Visual Painter


4. Then by using the Area Tool command, make a polyline around the surface area that you want to virtually see in a different paint color (in my case, I chose the wall). Start by clicking on a corner of the surface (ie: wall), then continue each point until you return to where you started. Then the finished surface will turn green….like shown ~

Sherwin Williams Paint Visualizer


5. Then start playing with your paint colors.  There are lots of colors to choose from.  To experiment with various colors, click on the color and drag it over to the surface you made the polyline around (ie: wall)… See the coral color


Again, here is the before picture of the kids bathroom.  It’s a bit blah ~ sky blue wall color and a plain white cabinet.  I’d love to do a complete overhaul, but it’s not in the budget.  SO a little bit of TLC and a gallon of paint should do the trick!

Using the Sherwin Williams Visualizer, I experimented with a few different ideas and here they are ~

and a few more ~

Boy, this certainly gives me some options….HMMMM….now I’ve got some decisions to make!  What would be fun for the kids?

Remember when using this Virtual Visualizer or any Paint System on the web, the colors WILL NOT be exact.  This tool should simply be used to hone in your ideas and provide you with a general idea of what the space could look like with different paint colors.  Once you’ve decided on a general idea, visit your local paint store to look at the exact colors and get some samples before investing in buying a gallon or two!

Do you think the Virtual Paint Visualizer would come in handy for your next paint project?  What paint color would you choose for my bathroom? Something that’s shown above or something completely different? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Check back tomorrow for another virtual painting tip!

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  1. says

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this. I’ll be uploading my pictures right away. I’m not even thinking of painting. I just want to play with it. Lisa~

  2. Joyce Resner says

    I have downloaded new acrobat and when i go to virtual site it asks me to download it again,plese help