Fireplace Series 5: Mantels, Mantels, and MORE Mantels

From the history of fireplaces to giving them a makeover, it has been an enjoyable week sharing so many ideas about various fireplace designs.  Let’s finish out the series by taking a look at amazing mantels.  With the fireplace being the heart of the home, the mantel is a great place to add your personal touches and complete the look of the room.  Though at times it can be a frustrating spot for homeowners to design, the mantel is forever changing with the different holidays and seasons. Let’s take a look at some ideas, so this focal point of the home doesn’t result in a missed opportunity!

Take off those knick knacks and pictures, and start with a fresh palette….

Mirrors are a favorite to hang above the fireplace.  Try introducing a round or oval mirror ~

Layer pictures or photos of different sizes and heights ~

Display a collection of something you enjoy.  Birds. Books. Pottery. Vases. ~

Asymmetrically arrange your accessories.  Choose one color or theme.  Use varying heights, shapes, and sizes ~

Using asymmetry, group your collection of accessories tightly together.  Put a vase on top of a book.  Display a taller piece next to a few shorter pieces ~

Think outside the box.  Incorporate objects lying around the house that you might not ordinarily use. I’m loving the layering of these frames, finished off with the initial of the family ~

Make a statement with one piece of art.  Lean it against the wall versus hanging it.  It’s important to remember that the picture shouldn’t overpower/overshadow the fireplace ~

Use organic elements to adorn your mantel ~

Design in multiples. Use 3 or 4 pictures with a common theme to display on your mantel ~

Use objects with similar colors.  Have fun with your display and incorporate what you love and enjoy ~

You don’t have to have a fireplace to have a mantel.  If your fireplace has been closed up OR you don’t have one at all, it’s still possible to have a mantel on the wall to display pieces that you love ~

Simple and Sophisticated ~

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a fireplace in every room of the house to incorporate so many of these amazing ideas!
Take a look at my latest fireplace mantel display.

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Images Courtesy of Better Home and Gardens, Pinterest, Sarah Gunn, HGTV, Country Living

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