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I’m always taken back when I see a pattern “make” (or sometimes break) a room.  Lately, I’ve been enthralled with patterns and there are certainly some beauties out there.  From my recent post on the chevron pattern and the DIY chevron rug I created, I’m sure you can tell that I’m a little obsessed loving the look of different patterns and depending on the color, style, and texture, a pattern can transform a space and give it new life.  Ikat has been around the block a few times (and then some), but I still love it’s bold and unique flavor.  Truly older than old, Ikat is still going strong year after year in fashion and interiors ~ it has a staying power like none other.  I’ve always been a huge fan, so let’s take a look ~

Do you know how Ikat is created?  I didn’t, until I had to do some research for a  giveaway (before sharing it with others, I wanted to know what I was talking writing about).  IKAT is the method of creating a pattern on a fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before weaving the fabric. The dye is applied to either the warp or weft (or both) sides, similar to the process of tie-dying. Here’s a picture of how it’s loomed ~

Enjoy some beautiful spaces that incorporate Ikat ….

This gorgeous photo captures a range of styles from the neoclassical settee to the modern garden stool.  The neutral tones are a backdrop to the beautiful Ikat blue/white fabric, which takes center stage in this room.

The beauty of Ikat is that it takes on a life of it’s own.  No other colors can be used in the space, and when an Ikat pattern is introduced, the room completely changes.  This photo above, shows a neutral/white palette, but with the addition of the coral and white Ikat bedding, it creates a striking space!

Framing gorgeous scarves or fabrics, can be a great way to introduce color and interest to a room.

Ikat can be used in small doses, and still make an impact. A little goes a long way!

Amongst simple fabrics, Ikat fabrics can be quite the accent piece.  The purple and white colors in the Ikat patterned fabric on these side chairs are so attractive.  I’m drawn to how they look with the moraccan influenced mirrored tables.

More Ikat around the home …

So what do you think of Ikat?  Are you as in love as I am??

Images Courtesy of: Decorpad, Runway Daily, Log Home, bellafare, Madeline Weinrib, Green Your Decor, Upworld, HGTV, Whatshaute, Zuniga Interiors, Spruce Austin, oh my dalia

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  1. Megan says

    What an aesthetic collection and choice you have got! Ikat has always been a preferred choice for reupholstering. This also reminds me of a youtube video which I like very much. Its about Ikat fabric: