The New Addition to our Family

haha…  gotcha…  NOT “that kind” of NEW ADDITION!

But,this kind……
I always have SO many projects going on at my time and once I get something stuck in my head, I become fixated on it.  FOR EXAMPLE…   The latest stuck-in-my-head project was to find a desk for my living room.  I immediately was on the HUNT!

My requirements: old vintage, clean lines/simple, solid wood, drawer space, inexpensive.

In just a few days….I found the desk (well actually my friend found it for me, thanks Elaina) on Craigslist for $50!   She emailed me a couple of options which weren’t cutting it, and then she sent me The One…. It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  The next day, my husband was in the car at 6:45 in the morning (what a saint he is) to pick it up!

You can just imagine all the ideas that can are brewing in my head to transform this gem!  Paint…  Glaze…  New hardware… O MY!!

The details and construction of the desk are just exquisite.  You couldn’t buy a desk like this today and if you did, it would be BIG BUCKS!   Just look at the dovetail joints and slightly curved leg detail.

This is the home of the “new desk” and my son has already filled the drawers with his art supplies. We told him it was his big boy desk, so you can imagine how thrilled he is! I think with after a fresh coat of paint, a new desk lamp, and accessories, this is going to be quite the addition to the family!

I am ready to get going on this new project, BUT I have a few things that I must finish up first, like:  the bathroom renovation…  my sewing project… the laundry… And the list goes on and on.

Still deciding what color to paint it… Hmmm… Any suggestions?

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    Too funny my daughter did the same thing!!! She took over a desk I bought a few months ago…I can’t even make it over she will not let me touch it….Great desk!!! Hopefully, you will get your done sooner than I have!