Giving Birth to a Quilt + Sewing Lingo & Basics

My first quilt is officially done...  AND it really felt like giving birth.  Every step of the way, I wasn't sure what I was doing and I was so afraid of making a mistake with possible repercussions down the line. giving birth, my quilt is a beautiful outcome! I'm being a lil' … [Read more...]

Comic Art using Mod Podge

Who doesn't love reading the 'funnies', a.k.a. the Sunday comics?  I remember being a kid and asking my parents to take out the comic section from the Sunday newspaper.   I enjoyed reading them, but did I actually 'get' the jokes?  Well, I'm not so sure... Once it was time to add the final … [Read more...]

DIY Creations Using Paint Chips

Happy Earth Day! Today is all about ways to make our planet a greener and more eco-friendly place to live.  One way to make a difference is by recycling.  Most of us recycle our papers and plastics, but what about other everyday household items?  What about paint chips??  I know all of you have … [Read more...]

Tour My Home: Boys Room ~ Skateboard Haven

The goal of my blog is to share inspirational ideas about design, and with that I like to showcase areas of my own home to actually show how a high-end look can be done for less (and no one has to know).  With being an Interior Designer, I have worked with clients that have limitless funds to spend, … [Read more...]

Breaking Away From the Norm and Sharing a New Hobby

On a daily basis I write about interior design and how it pertains to the home.  I share my personal DIY projects, as well as design ideas in hopes to inspire you!  But, today I'm going to get a bit more personal... Not like that.... But like this.... I've recently picked up a new hobby and … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Personalize a Rental

NO matter if you own a house or rent an apartment, you should LOVE where you LIVE.  And whether you plan on renting long term or for just a few short months, it's important to personalize the space and enjoy your home.  With renting, you will have limitations on what can be changed/updated, but … [Read more...]

Blah to Beautiful: Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

I feel like I've been talking (and thinking) about this bathroom for decades, but in reality, it's really only been a few weeks.  Somehow it took longer to execute than anticipated but I can thankfully say....IT'S DONE! All things considered, this was (simply) a minor bathroom makeover.  Even … [Read more...]

Whimsical Spring Forsythia Wreath

I was so completely inspired when putting yesterday's post together on Spring Wreath Inspiration.  There are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there and I was so happy to showcase their work! Now it's my turn.... I created a lot of wreaths over the past months for the various seasons … [Read more...]

Spring Wreath Inspiration

Before we get started, let's all agree that wreaths are usually a feature saved for one special time of year ( I hear the sleigh bells ringing)...right??  WRONG!  A wreath is known as the symbolic meaning for "Circle of Life" and how perfect is this coincidence since Spring is the season of … [Read more...]