Make a Statement in your Space

Make a statement in your space. Be adventurous by adding a focal point to your room. Whether it be a vibrant paint color, a piece of unique artwork, a vintage piece of furniture, or a bold fabric, making a statement can change the entire look of a space. It’s the center feature that everything else in the room is chosen around.

Adding the accent color of orange (the throw, the terra cot pots, the artwork), makes this room POP!

  • As the name implies, a statement piece is the ‘statement’ of your space. Your statement piece does not need to be crazy or bold; it can be as simple as a pillow with an awesome fabric or as intricate as a Louis XVI hand-carved desk. Choosing your ‘statement’ should actually be pretty easy…it’s all about what you love and what brings you enjoyment!

This space is fairly neutral, but it has a lot of texture.  Your eye is really drawn to the breathtaking one-of-a-kind sunburst mirror…what a show stopper!

This red, leather textured dresser is certainly the Statement Piece of the room….and the beautiful red roses accent it perfectly!

  • Statement furniture should reflect who you are and your personal style and interests.  It’s often better to define a space by starting with your statement piece, then the remaining pieces of the room can be chosen around it.

The white crisp palette for this space is strikingly complemented with black accents.  The black hue doesn’t overwhelm the space but is added in a way that gives the room depth.

  • When searching for the perfect statement piece(s), it’s important to find the right store/manufacturer that suits your style and reflects your personality.  Try customizing a piece that speaks to who you are!

This room is making a few different statements, but the one that speaks to me most are the vibrant yellow pillows and pod ottomans.

  • Making a statement doesn’t have to be about furniture…it can also mean color!  Introducing a fun, vibrant, or bold accent color, can add drama and interest to a possible blah room.

The blue in this room speaks wonders…it accents the space beautifully and still allows other colors (the red dresser and yellow flowers) to be introduced.

It’s important to make a statement in your home to show who you are and reflect your personality!  How have you made a statement in your home?

Images Courtesy of Decor Pad

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