The Beauty of Collecting Vintage Bottles

Vintage bottles are so interesting to collect because of their
unique imperfections
unknown history
beautiful detailing

Each bottle has a distinct character, color, and shape, which represent a little piece of history from the “good ol’ days”.  I have a neighbor who has a huge vintage bottle collection, which was amassed when working as a Clam Digger in the Long Island Sound.  His assortment includes everything from Jameson Whiskey bottles, medicine pill bottles, and Ballantine Brewery beer bottles.  The characteristics of each bottle is so unique and the weight in your hand seems to tell it’s history.

Garage Sales,
Consignment Stores,
Vintage Shops,
Antique Malls ~
All are places to find vintage bottles.

Starting a collection of your own can be affordable, yet their are some really rare bottles that are worth lots of money. Check out the cupboards and closets of your elderly relatives… they may have some vintage bottles to share, along with an afternoon full of stories.

Whether you are an avid collector or simply admire the look of vintage bottles, you’ll love the compilation of pictures and how to display them ~

So many ways to use, So many ways to display…
Don’t you just want to start collecting Vintage Bottles today?!

Images Courtesy of Country Living, Pinterest, Ruffled

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    wow! you also love collecting bottles? i love collecting too. It started when i dug a cute clear bottle when i was in high school and i got interested collecting since then but some were broken by my sister coz i have it displayed all around the house… i have jars too…
    rhodz recently posted..home alone in summer