A Favorite Show to Watch: Sarah’s House

Have you ever heard of or watched Sarah’s House?

It’s one of my favorite DIY home shows on HGTV

Host, Sarah Richardson, is an incredibly talented Interior Designer.  Along with her sarcasm and funny personality, the show is quite engaging to watch.

While sticking to a budget and a time schedule, Sarah truly makes the show “real”.  I’m often turned off by many so-called “reality” home shows because they make it look so easy to start and finish an entire project (or house) in a half hour episode ~ That is so NOT reality!

With Sarah’s show, each episode focuses on one room, so you truly see the house transform in detail over the entire season ~ Much more realistic! Plus, if something is not within the budget, she either ditches the idea or modifies it so the house stays within her target range – – that’s REALITY!

All of the interior pictures above were from Season 1.  This Before & After shot is the house that Sarah transformed for Season 2 ~ a 60s backsplit in extreme need of some TLC.

And here are a few images from the interiors of the transformed 60s house ~ Amazing!

Sarah’s Team is equally entertaining! Tommy, Sarah’s sidekick, is quite the character, as well as Vito, the handy contractor who had never worked with a designer before Sarah.  They’re quite the trio!

Want some advice from this famed Designer?  These tips are NOT to be missed!

O, one last thing (but most important, I think), with each episode, Sarah gives a “where to buy” section, so YOU can get the same look for your own pad!

Want to see more of Sarah Richardson? Visit her website and check out her latest reno, Sarah’s Cottage.

Are you a fan of Sarah’s House and/or Sarah Richardson?  Will you be watching now that I’ve spilled how much I love the show (and her)?!  What other HGTV home shows to you enjoy?

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