What’s Hotter than Honeysuckle?

Coral is smashing for summer!
Coral is chic. Coral is casual. Coral eludes sophistication.

It’s such a cheerful color and is a great representation of happiness and joy.

Coral is beautiful in a pattern or elegant as a solid.

Coral is such a versatile hue, and when paired correctly, it is a great complement to many other colors like navy, green, turquoise, and purple. Of course, like most strong colors, you don’t want to oversaturate a space.

When used in appropriate doses, Coral can be powerful and dramatic.

And Coral is a favorite in the bedroom.  O, so pleasant and cheerful to wake up to in the morning!

So what’s your take on CORAL?  Are you a fan of this hue?  Do you have Coral colors in your interior?  I hope these inspirational pictures have cheered you up a bit…I know I have a little more skip to my step!

Images Courtesy of Decor Pad, Pinterest, Coco Kelley, Creature Comforts, Meredith Heron

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  1. Deb CLaytor says

    I would love to know the names of the paint samples that coordinate w/ corals that you have pictured.

  2. says

    My sister has had a light coral colored carpet in her house for years..it is really surprising how it seems to go with everything