Chicago: The City of Contemporary Eclectic Interiors

(photos from my recent trip)

Fresh back from my trip to Chicago, I was truly inspired by the cities Public Art Program.  It’s adaptation to add abstract Art and cultural elements throughout the city started in the late 70s with a law passed that a percentage of building costs be put towards purchasing public works of art (a.k.a.  ~ outdoor sculptures and outdoor elements) and displaying them throughout the city.  From this initiative, many Chicagoans have taken this artistic approach and have adapted it into their own interior decor.

To sum it up, my take on Chicago style is contemporary eclectic – – the overall decor has a contemporary / minimalist / modern edge, but includes traditional and organic elements. This sophisticated look makes for a quite unexpected, but exciting experience.   I’ve compiled a few of my favorite contemporary eclectic Chicago spaces:

Chicago decor has quite the element of surprise!
Refreshing & Unpredictable.

Do you like / appreciate this interior style?

Images Courtesy of: Decorpad, Apartment Therapy

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