Creating Multiple Spaces with Room Dividers

Happy Monday ~ I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

I got to thinking the other day while walking around Pottery Barn – love that store – and noticed the way they used room dividers to create small vignettes within such a large space.

Don’t you think you could use a room divider or screen in your home to break up a large room into smaller spaces?  What a great idea!

This white open bookcase divides one large space into two separate functions~ living and dining…Your books become ART…what a fab look!  This is actually a great idea for a DIY Saturday project….get your tools out.

Room Dividers can be pretty AND functional

Dividers and screens are both aesthetically pleasing, yet functional.  Think about using a screen to hide all your stuff ~ toys, storage, boxes, etc…  OR just as an architectural statement!

Choosing a Screen for your Space
Here comes my “interior” lingo….first think about the purpose of the screen and where you have space for it. If you need to access the area behind, then find something that is easily moveable, but if your desire is to separate a large living space into smaller areas to create a combo living/dining space or office/living space, an open shelving divider would be great (like the white example above).

Let’s take a look at a few of my favs ~

What a statement piece this stunning antique screen would make in your living room or bedroom.

This bookcase/room divider by Cantoni is very modern but would look awesome in a sleek, minimalist interior.

This room divider is used in the above studio apartment to separate a living/bedroom area.  Take a look at Euro Furniture Online

Sotto Retro Chic hanging room divider by Nexxt by Linea 

Translucent screens are a great way to allow light to pass through, but diffuse actual objects so it’s not perfectly clear. 

I was at Ikea this past weekend and there were a ton of awesome screens, similar to the one shown above.

Love this unique and beautiful screen divider by Serena screen by Oly Studios. It’s made of opaque colored shells, with a metal frame surround. Can you imagine this at a beach house?

This low bookcase by BoConcept is a great option for a smaller living space that you want/need to divide.  It will help define two separate, functional spaces, but allows for an airy feel. Use baskets or bins that can be a accessed from both sides and you’ll instantly have storage.


Do you have a room divider in your home?  If so, is it for the aesthetic look or does it hide something? Do you use bookcases to divide a space?

Images courtesy of House to Home

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    • Jenna says

      I just read it…Thanks for letting me know Kristi…SO sweet! I’ve been loving this blog series that you’re hosting…I’ve had lots to read everyday. ~Jenna

    • Jenna says

      Using a screen or room divider will be a great way to divide a space to use as two functions, but to still have the feeling of one large room. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new home! ~Jenna

    • Jenna says

      I know, right! Adding screens to your decor can truly take the space to the next level. Thanks for the comment. ~Jenna

  1. says

    I love the idea of using room dividers as an artwork.

    We’ve found that many of our customers like having a portable yet semi-permanent solution. Room Dividers with a tackable suface allow you to swap out artwork. Or, you can use an artwork hanger to change pieces at your whim. For residential use, I recommend a solid black fabric with black hinges. Then, the artwork can shine.

    Great idea, I’m going to read more.
    Scott Stawarz recently posted..SOME GREAT FEEDBACK FROM MAY

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Scott for stopping by SAS Interiors and for making the suggestion on another style room divider!