10 Top Bathroom Decor Styles

Bathrooms (as well as kitchens) are one of my favorite spaces to design!  There are SO many decor styles and so many options in creating a haven to bath.  The key to designing a beautiful bathroom lies in the attention to details and the goal of creating a cohesive space.  I’ve been asked by many readers, if I’ve ever blogged about bathrooms, and I will be honest – I haven’t.

My reason? I don’t know where to begin.

The challenge with blogging is to compile everything in one post… kind of impossible (or you’d be reading for days and never return).  I took a step back to think about the best way to showcase some amazing bathroom designs.   I have compiled 10 Bathroom Decor Types that I think sum up the most popular design styles.

What’s your favorite style bathroom?

1 Classic Elegance

  • clean lines
  • fresh
  • crisp
  • timeless

2 Masculine

  • dark hues
  • strong details
  • rectilinear accents
  • bold style

3 Vintage

  • traditional elements
  • ode’ to Old
  • ornate

4 Contemporary

  • minimal
  • strong linear lines
  • light hues
  • clean

5 Sophisticated Chic

  • pure beauty
  • mouldings /millwork
  • casual
  • elegance

6 Rustic Retreat

  • use of wood
  • organic elements
  • bring the outdoors in

7 Fun & Funky

  • eclectic style
  • bold colors
  • unique
  • “anything goes”

8 Shabby Chic

  • aged aesthetic
  • signs of wear and tear

9 Romantic

  • soft
  • flowing
  • white / light hues
  • texture
  • elegance

10 Modern

  • edgy
  • vibrant colors
  • trendy
  • up-to-date patterns
  • classic elements with a twist

I have many, many more (favorite) bathrooms to share with you in future posts…this is just a start!

I truly love all these spaces for certain reasons, but my favorite is the sophisticated chic style.  The casual, yet elegant aesthetic certainly suits my taste!

What style is your bathroom?
What is your favorite style?

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  1. says

    i see all these styles, and i love them all- really! there are rooms in each category i adore…. i tend to lean towards the classic/vintage with some modern touches, too i think…. and i like the funky…. maybe eclectic is my fave! :)

    • Jenna says

      Hey Cassie! I know…don’t you just love all the different styles and designs. You can do SO much with a bathroom! Thanks for stopping by SAS Interiors. xo Jenna

  2. Crystal says

    OMG, I thought for sure I knew which one I’d love the most just by my style…but after looking at all of the lovely pictures, I just can’t decide!!! Wish I had a bathroom to decorate in every style – lol! Wouldn’t that be lovely for all of us to have?? Oh, we can dream… :) Thanks so much for sharing just gorgeous ideas and photos!

    • Jenna says

      I know Crystal…Aren’t all these bathroom styles so amazing?! It is difficult to choice a favorite. If only I was rich enough to have all, lol…until then, I’ll just dream! Thanks so much for stopping by SAS Interiors! xo Jenna

  3. Kelley says

    thank you so much for posting these – i teach a middle school design class and they are working on a bathroom design – so nice to see so many pics devoted to the bathroom !

    • Jenna says

      Great to hear Kelly! It’s awesome to hear that they have design classes in middle school – would have loved that when I was younger. I took alot of technical drawing classes in high school but design was not introduced until college. Anyway, I hope your students gather some useful ideas.