DIY: Creating a Rustic Kitchen Island

Most of us could use a little extra space in the kitchen, so why not introduce a Kitchen Cart like this one that adds a bit of rustic charm to your decor, plus some extra room to cut the veggies!  This Kitchen Cart, purchased from Ikea, cost less than $60.  By being a little creative and thinking outside of the box, this typical blonde wood finished cart was turned into a stylish, distressed island.  You could even put two together to make an even larger work surface.

With a few steps and a Saturday afternoon, you will have a new kitchen island in no time.  Start off by removing the casters and giving all the surfaces a good sanding.  Then distress all of the surfaces using a hammer (this is a great way to get out all of your frustrations too)!  Paint the base your desired color (I’m loving the white) and then stain the top.  Adding a stamp like the one shown in the image above, just adds to the old-world charm.  With a few accessories, like the rustic hook and towel bar, this Kitchen Island is a unique and beautiful addition to any Kitchen! Check out more on creating this kitchen island at Homeroad.

It’s always great to see how others use their creative minds to transform ordinary pieces of furniture.  Even though Ikea is not my favorite place to shop because of their poor customer service (I’ve had a few issues with them in the past), I do have to admit, they are a great resource for inexpensive furniture and accessories.  Do you have any Ikea pieces in your home?  Have you bought things only to change them later?  What DIY projects have you been working on?  Have you started decorating for Fall yet?  It’s right around the corner…

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  1. Shani says

    i love that cart…might want to try that in my bathroom with a sink on top…Just wondering, what color stain did you use? and how did you do that stamp on top- i love that! And also, I really like the hardware (bar etc) that you added- can you describe those as well (finish, where from)?