A Favorite Summer Dish

Despite the summer being more than half way over, I couldn't resist sharing my favorite summertime dish, Fresh Vegetables & Pasta. It's SO simple, yet SO scrumptious! With all the fresh produce from my local farmers market, this dish is a winner in my house!  With just a few ingredients (and … [Read more...]

Choosing and Installing the Best Lighting Fixture

Finding the perfect light fixture for a space is always so exciting!  But have you ever been confused about the right height to hang it or wondered if the fixture is too big or too small for the room?   Put those worries aside, because I've got the answers! How high should a chandelier be … [Read more...]

Kitchen Makeover Phase Four: Creating an Open Cabinet

You're probably saying to yourself..."Isn't she done YET?"  Who takes this long to redo a kitchen.  Well, between work and summer activities with the kids, my kitchen makeover has definitely been dragging.  And being away this week, hasn't help matters.  But I can promise you, the FINAL REVEAL will … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger – Green Door Designs: Creating Faux Coral

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I have been (patiently) waiting for this week for quite some time.  Why?  I'm going on vacation. Yes, I'm taking a break and leaving the computer behind (can you believe it?).  While away, I have a week filled with guest bloggers, "blast from the … [Read more...]