5 DIY Ideas to Makeover Your Bathroom

The Bathroom ~ It’s a fashion statement. A focal point in your home. A place you go to unwind and relax. Your own personal spa.

In just a few short days, there are lots of things you can do yourself to give your bathroom an entirely new look without undergoing a total bathroom remodel! Every one of these easy DIY ideas will make a difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels.

1. Change up the walls with color or patterns

Paint. A new coat of paint can easily be completed in a weekend, even if wallpaper needs to be removed or if walls need to be primed. Try to get some prep done Friday night and a coat both Saturday and Sunday. You’ll be surprised at the difference it’ll make.

It’s important to keep the color pallet of your bathroom in mind when you are choosing a new color. If you are thinking about other renovations, such as new flooring or a new vanity, keep in mind what types of tones they will be. For a soothing sanctuary, build your color pallet around cooler blues, greens, and even purples. If you are looking to add vibrancy to your bath try adding deeper reds, blues, or yellows. Naturals such as browns and creams are very neutral and sophisticated.


The way you paint your bathroom can also create different illusions. Painting your ceiling the same color as the walls can make your room seem larger and by painting your ceiling a darker shade than your walls, the room will appear cozier and smaller.


Stencil. If you want to add a pattern to liven up the space, try a modern all over stencil. Stenciling a pattern on your walls will probably take more time and patience but the results will be gorgeous. You can make the design yourself, get them online (for example, Cutting Edge Stencils, is a great resource), or find them at your local home improvement store. Need a tutorial on stenciling?  Check out this past post!

Wallpaper. If you don’t think you have the enthusiasm to do an overall stencil you could apply wallpaper. Wallpapers are fun because you can get the perfect finish you are looking for and they come in so many designs and colors. Since bathrooms get steamy, make sure to purchase extra adhesive for the seams to keep moisture from lifting the paper.

Wood Paneling with Chair Rail. If you combine wood paneling with a chair rail and wallpaper or fresh paint, in as little as two weekends, your bathroom can look completely renovated!


Art. It seems that every bathroom has at least one empty wall that would look great with some wall art. To save some money, be crafty and make something really great DIY wall art!


2. Add Modern Lighting

New Bulbs.  Ever think your bathroom is too dark? Put in a higher watt bulb or install a 5-7 light fixture instead of a three.

Wall Sconces. If you really want to go for a new look consider installing a pair of wall sconces. They will really change the look and feel of your bathroom when installed on either side of the mirror. You may have to consult an electrician about getting the new fixtures installed but make sure the light bulbs are just about eye level.

Decorative Lamp. If you have an outlet in your bathroom and some space on your vanity, a small decorative table lamp will really lighten up your bath and add rich feel to the room.

Pot Lights. To bring some subtle light into your bathroom, consider getting 3-7 pot lights installed above your sink or vanity. A few accessories or a nicely framed mirror can really make this a focal point of your bathroom.


3. Make some updates to the Shower

Shower Head and Faucet. It is always nice to have the faucets in your shower match the sink. By upgrading the shower head and the faucet in your shower, it might actually lead to changing the faucet on the sink. This is defiantly a job that can easily be completed over a weekend and can make a big impact on the look of your bathroom.

Tile Backsplash. If you are pressed for time I highly suggest purchasing the size tile you are going to use so you don’t have to cut them to size. When choosing a tile, keep in mind what other colors you have around the bath. Also, make sure you get a tile that is already sealed. As long as the tile doesn’t absorb water, you know it has already been sealed.

Need a tutorial on tiling a backsplash?  Check out this past post.

4. New Flooring

Laying a new floor in any room of the house is going to make a huge impact! Tile, cork, wood, and vinyl are all great choices for a bathroom floor. If you are going to choose a wood or cork floor make sure you are getting something that is treated to be resilient to water.

Tile. Tile is a great option to use on your bathroom floor. Refer to How-to tile a backsplash for a guide on laying tile floor. The biggest difference is that you will need to carefully remove and replace the baseboards around the walls.

Cork. Unlike wood, cork is very easy to install and maintain. Cork also comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Vinyl. Non-tile vinyl flooring is waterproof, easy to install and maintain. With better quality vinyl floors you can basically get the look of a wood, cork, or tiled floor.


5. Renew the sink and Vanity

Replace. By installing a new vanity and sink, any bathroom will look completely fresh and new. Would you believe that a new vanity can be replaced in an afternoon?


Refinish. If your existing vanity is made out of real wood you can refinish it! It may take more than a weekend depending on what you decide to do. Even a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware will make your vanity look brand new.

Mirror Style. Try modifying what you already have for a new look. Whatever style you are going for in your bathroom, customize the mirror accordingly. For a few bucks get some decorative molding (you won’t need much) and re-frame your current mirror.


All of these ideas can be completed in a weekend and if you combine a few, alot can be accomplished. While you are waiting for your backsplash mortar to cure, work on framing your mirror or adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. The transformation that can be achieved in a weekend is incredible; imagine what you could get done in two weekends!  Have fun with these ideas, be creative, and enjoy making your bathroom your very own!

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  1. says

    I’d like to see where hand towels could be hung in those pretty bathrooms.

    Our new home’s bathroom (designated as my bathroom) will have an 8′ long counter, one sink, and a 5 1/2 foot mirror. Two 16″ candle chandeliers will hang in front of the mirror. Where to put hand towels?????????/

    Thank you.

  2. Cheryl says

    What do you think would be the smallest size of a master bath that could have a tub for two and a shower with multiple side sprays? Thanks.

    • Jenna says

      That’s so difficult to answer because it depends on the configuration of the room, the placement of the doors & windows, and the overall size of the pieces. A tub for two is usually a minimum of 6′ long (5′ long is standard) and a shower with multiple shower heads you want to be at the smallest 4’x4′. Plus you have a vanity, toilet, and possible storage area. I hope this helps.