Asian Inspired Decor

Incorporating Asian elements into a space has been a favorite of many for years.  Asian design is not an overnight trend that we said hello to yesterday and goodbye to tomorrow.  Because Asian decor has strong roots to the largest continent on earth, it’s influence continues to dominate a large portion of the global design world, hence it’s trend-lessness.

Be inspired by these Asian influenced spaces that showcase a chic and effortless style.

One of the most prominent characteristics of Asian style is the use of bold colors.  Red is the most used color, but other colors like blue and gold are also popular to give a sense of drama and depth.  Furniture, like the one in the image above, is often shiny black lacquer with accent pieces in earth-tone hues and golds.

Siddhartha Gautama, known better as Buddha, is the most recognized figure relating to Asian Decor.  The Buddha represents “harmonious proportions from head to toe, including elongated earlobes, a notable head elevation, broad, even shoulders and a mark between the eyebrows.”  The importance of this iconic symbol is to remind us to look at and think about our own lives; to bring us happiness and peaceful ways.   It reminds us to live in the moment and understand ourselves better.

This bold and dramatic eclectic space mixes Asian accents with traditional western decor and function.  The vibrant cobalt blue wall is the focus of the space and offsets the neutral tones of the other wall, shelving, rug, and sofa.  In the 14th century, blue and white patterns, as seen in the garden stools, were dominant in the Chinese culture and by the 17th century were seen as “prized possessions by European Royalty”.  This highly regarded pattern can still be found in many fabrics and decor to this day.

This space truly encompasses every aspect of Asian design.  Red, known to bring good luck, is the dominant color of this space seen in the large sideboard and rug. Behind it is a bamboo screen or window treatment, another element often used in Asian interiors to incorporate texture and nature.

Elements of Asian Decor

1. Color: red, earth tones, gold, black

2. Texture: wallpapers, rocks, bamboo, grass, shoji screens, floor screens

3. Incorporating Nature: plants and trees (bonsai), bamboo, water

4. Minimalistic Aesthectic: multi-purpose furniture, less is more, everything has a function, simplicity

5. Decor: fluid, curves, elegant, rich, sometimes whimscial, sometimes straight and linear lines


Enjoy some more Interiors influenced by Asian Philosophy

Images courtesy of: HGTV, Sylvia Martin, Lonny Magazine, Pinterest

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  1. Laureen says

    Love all the stools, but my favorite does happen to be the Dragon Medallion Garden Stool. It is more versatile in design to fit perfect with any decor (especially mine).

  2. TracieB. says

    I love these garden stools and have had my eye on them for awhile now! I am lovingyellow right now so I think I would choose the yellow! :)

  3. says

    Ooooh, soo many to choose from! I really like the hexagon style in white, if I had to pick just one. That dragon one is lovely too. I love the little garden stools and haven’t wanted one for the past couple of years. Maybe it’ll be my lucky day. = ) This is open to us Americans living in Canada, right?
    Catie @ Catie’s Corner recently posted..Simple Solution

  4. says

    I have wanted a chinese garden stool forever!!! Maybe this will be my lucky day!! I already know where I want to put this beautiful thing. I love the design and the positive energy they generate. It is really hard to pick a favorite because they are all gorgeous. If I have to choose, I would pick two as my top fav’s…the Dragon Medallion Garden Stool because it is the most traditional and the Square Fortune Garden Stool because it is so unique. I have never seen a square shaped stool before and it is beautiful!!
    Angie recently posted..Cousins.