Wild About Stripes

I love incorporating stripes into any space!  Whether large or small, on a wall, ceiling, or pillow, a striped pattern can add drama and visual intrigue to any decor style.  They also pair well with patterned or floral designs and can be as subtle or bold as you prefer.

Wide Stripes(Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest)

(Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest)

Wide stripes with contrasting colors makes for a dramatic and fluid-like space.  Whether using bold stripes in a living room or in a transitional space, such as a hallway, they enliven the overall aesthestic.  When using opposite colors like black-and-white stripes or chocolate-and-white stripes, as seen in the images above, let them be “the life of the party”.  Every room needs a spotlight or showcase piece, and when incorporating wide stripes, they are the focal point.  In each of these rooms, artwork and  accessories are kept to a minimal, so the stripes can be the conversational element.  Use less busy elements when designing with stripes that are bold, so they stand apart and tell their story.

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