Small Business Saturday – Debut of H.A.V.E.

We all love a deal, right?  In honor of Small Business Saturday which supports making purchases at your local and/or small businesses, I’m sharing some exciting news about a new one-deal-a-day siteH.A.V.E. which stands for handmade. artwork. vintage. everyday. is launching the first of the new year, but is having two pilots days today and tomorrow. This site is brand new and will feature one product a day where you will have the opportunity to get deals up to 80% off.

Their first item available?

This joyful Christmas sign (inspired by a line in the movie Elf) will certainly get you into the Holiday Spirit.  Wait until you see the price (it’s 40% off) – WOW!  It was designed and created by my good friend, Pamela of PB& J Stories.  She recently started selling these gorgeous sign creations, which you can view the entire selection at her Etsy shop.  They really are gorgeous, unique, and made with love!  Head over to the new H.A.V.E. site and share some lovin’.  And don’t forget to support our local businesses.

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