4 Upcycling Ideas for the Home

I’m taking a little break today from Holiday posts and instead sharing a guest post with you from Jeremy of Easy Appliance Parts.  He has some great insight and ideas to share on upcycling typical items around the house.


How you design the interior of your home is a major factor in making your home more attractive and peaceful. One method to add to your design plan is upcycling. Instead of going to a furniture or home decor store, you can repurpose everyday items for interior design. Upcycling is not only a cool way to spruce up your interior, it creates a real design statement. It’s also environmentally friendly, and a great way to save money.


1. Furniture

Reclaimed Wood: One way to make new furniture pieces is to use previously used wood. This is becoming popular to add some artistic style in your home.  Solid wood is much stronger if cared for properly (as it won’t rot) and it will last much longer than particle board-based furniture. You can shop around at local antique stores, yard sales and estate auctions for some great ‘real’ wood furniture pieces.  Add a little fabric, paint and you’ll have a new stunning piece of art for your home. To create your new furniture collection, you can also reuse plain pieces of wood, like boards, planks and wooden pallets.    

Pallet Chair by Justy Chair

Pallet Sofa by Scandinavian Deko

‘Book’ Tables: Do you have an old set of encyclopedias collecting dust somewhere? Still have your college textbooks sitting in a box? Consider making them into your new stylish table. Designs can vary from the simple – stacking a few books together and gluing them together – to the imaginative – like making a table with books for legs.

This table was created using white hardcover books.  Is it a desk or is it art?  Or both?  via Instructables

2. Wall Art

Original Artworks: Let your mind wonder and look at what’s in your garage, kitchen or your attic. See what inspires you! How about using soup cans? Or pieces of wood and numbers?

Upcycling house numbers and wood samples to create art via Decor Hacks

 Upcycling tin cans to create an interesting piece of art or knick-knack organizer via Green Upgrader.

3. Accents

Pillows: Pillows add a touch of style and class to any room design. Make your own pillows with fabrics you already have in your home – Old jeans, dresses, shawls,  blankets.  Mix and match to give your new pillows a personal touch.

Upcycled Pillows look like new by The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Candle Holders: They do not have to cost a small fortune to be decorative. Create your own candleholders with ordinary items, tea cups, jars, clay pots.

Upcycled candles created by Two Men and a Little Farm

Aquarium – Have an old coffee pot that’s not working? Don’t throw away the carafe – use it as an aquarium for your beta fish (they can survive for extended periods of time in small tanks).  This is an especially quaint trick for the kitchen or your child’s bedroom (fish make great first pets for little ones). Fill the bottom with small rocks or some glass beads.

Coffee Pot Aquarium by Mosby Building Arts

4. Storage Ideas

Ottoman: If you don’t have one of these gems you can build your own! If you’ve already got one but it has seen better days, then why not give it a face lift?  Reupholster it! Take a look at what fabrics you have at your disposal (table cloths, curtains, drop cloth etc.) and look at the color combinations. Could you create your own pattern? Decide whether you’ll use fabric, glue, staples or thread to upholster the new fabric. Voila! You have a beautiful new piece of furniture.

Upcycled ottoman with storage made from a coffee table via Handmade Obsessions and Thoughts

Luggage: Have you considered using your old luggage set to address your storage shortage? Store your winter or summer clothes, holiday decorations, and old toys in them to keep your rooms clear of clutter.

Stacked suitcases used as a nightstand by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Upcycling can add a lot of value to your home design. You’ll know you were able to save money and help the environment – and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment from showcasing your DIY skills. Keep your eyes open at yard sales, friend’s garages and don’t give up an opportunity to make something truly yours.

Thanks to Jeremy of Easy Appliance Parts who is passionate about helping the environment, saving money, and at-home style.  It was a pleasure to have you at SAS Interiors – thank you for sharing such great insight and sharing ideas on how to look within our homes to redecorate.

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  1. Heather says

    As cute as it is the betta really won’t do well in a coffee jug. They require a heater if the temp dips below 75 degrees. The ammonIa fish produce will accumulate VERY quickly in such a small amount of water. This will poison the fish with its own waste.

  2. LM says

    It is correct that a small amount of water is not ideal for a betta and that it thrives in a higher temperature, but let’s be honest. I know plenty of folks who keep betta for years in those tiny acrylic cups. The coffee carafe is much larger, and it will do just fine, especially with water changes every couple of days.