Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 2

I've been living and breathing this master bathroom makeover. Result? There's been little time for anything else. I've been making progress, and as of last night, the floor is complete {huge sigh of relief}...  And I'm in major pain today - It stinks getting old! Sorry for the lack of posts … [Read more...]

Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 1

If you follow SAS Interiors on Facebook and Twitter (if you don't, please do), you may have saw a few postings that I wrote mentioning that I finally decided to give my master bathroom a makeover.  And when I say finally, I mean FINALLY!  This is the only room in the entire house that hasn't been … [Read more...]

How To Achieve a Well Styled Bookcase

There is truly nothing like a well styled bookcase filled with books, accessories, collectibles, and photos that add warmth, intrigue, and uniqueness to a space.  I've been doing some styling lately for a few clients, and it's been so enjoyable to start with a blank slate and build from the ground … [Read more...]

DIY: How To Paint Stripes and Product Review of U-Stripe It

Not too long ago I wrote an article for Build Direct on adding stripes into your decor.  Ever since, I've had the longing urge to add stripes SOMEPLACE in my home.  I recently made some new pillows for my family room and chose a fabric with stripes, but that wasn't enough.  I truly envisioned making … [Read more...]

Manual Photography Cheatsheet

For me, photography and I have a LOVE-HATE relationship.  Capturing a moment has always been a huge part of my life.  Growing up, my mom photographed everything and at times even though we made fun of her because the camera was glued to her hand, I absolutely treasure each and every one of the … [Read more...]

Wedding Lyric Stencil Pillow

Good morning friends and Happy Valentine's Day! I want to share a little something with you today that I made for the mister for Vday.  I will start off by saying, I can't take credit for this adorable project.  It was actually a DIY creation that was featured on Daily Do It Yourself and was … [Read more...]

My Daring Design Decision and a Tour of My Front Room

Front Room... Sounds so official, right? Well, it's not... sorry for the letdown. I call it my front room because it's not a family room where the family hangs out and it's not a living room that's a formal space, it's just simply, the front room.  Anyhoo, if you remember back to a month ago, … [Read more...]

How Color Affects Our Life and World

The colors that surround us directly and indirectly affect the way we think, the way we respond, and the mood that we're in.  As red hues can evoke a strong and striking response, yellows can be calming and cheerful. I found this Infograph on Pinterest and thought it was so interesting and … [Read more...]

Traditional to Transitional Spoon Rack Revamp

As you know, I have a little obsession (well more than a little - little would be an understatement) with transforming and updating the decor around my home.  Most of the furniture or accessories though, have been of little or no value, which always makes me less apprehensive about jumping into a … [Read more...]