Happenings on the Homestead: Weekend Updates

I hope you’re having an enjoyable weekend.  It’s usually quiet on the blog-front once the weekends are here because the Mister and I are often busy tackling home improvement projects or making new DIY creations.  Thankfully we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather the last few weekends and have had the opportunity to get a jump start on projects that we didn’t plan on doing till at least the end of April or May.  This weekend though, put a snag in our plans due to the gloomy, rainy weather and slightly cold temps, but we’ve still been busy…

I took some time yesterday to make this wreath for a friend who wanted something for her apple red front door.  She desired a natural looking wreath and liked the one I made for my door, so this is something I made – I hope she likes it!

If you want to make a wreath like this, here is a tutorial on How To Make a Forsythia Wreath

I was also busy making these amazingly, yummy, over-the-top, delicious Oreo Cheesecake Brownies that I brought to a friends house on Saturday evening.  They sure were a hit!

Want to make these yummy brownies, check out the recipe on Sugar and Spouse.

And between the moments of removing trees and re-grading part of our yard, the Mister made a few of these adorable boxes which will be filled with flowers in a few short weeks.  He made them using some scrap wood pieces from an old pallet.  I love the “old”, vintage look and they are the perfect size for a few colorful flowers!

I got the idea for this box from a feature I did on Daily Do It Yourself a few weeks ago that Whitney of Shanty 2 Chic made.

Those are just a few of the “happenings” around our homestead this weekend.  What have you been doing?

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  1. imklvr says

    I love Forsythia! I grew up with them in CA. My mom used to call them “Poor Cynthia” and that always made it easy for me to remember their name! They don’t grow here in AZ, as least as far as I’ve seen. Maybe in the higher, cooler part. Don’t know why I said all that…really I just wanted you to know how much I loved the wreath and hope your friend did too! Really, I love everything about your blog. I used to feel like it was too “high class” for me, but it’s very down to earth and I look forward to seeing it in my ‘Inbox’!

    Sheesh. This whole comment was probably more info than you needed!

    • Jenna says

      I appreciate all the “info” you shared and I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my blog! It definitely isn’t too “high class” for everyone. My goal is to simply inspire, which I strive to do with each and every post. Forsynthia’s are common in colder climates so thats why you probably don’t see them in AZ, but I’m sure you have plenty of other beautiful flowers! Enjoy, Jenna

  2. says

    I am so glad you liked the Oreo cheesecake brownies. They were fun to make (and, let’s face it, delicious to eat). I hope you’ll stop by sugarandspouse every week to see what I’ve been cooking up.
    Your blog is full of such wonderful ideas, are you okay if I add you to my blogroll? I’d be honored if you’d add me to yours!

    Thanks again!And best wishes!

    • Jenna says

      HI Marissa!
      Thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe and that was the first time I ever made brownies from scratch (I know, crazy confession). I will definitely be stopping by sugar and spouse more often to see what you’ve making. Thank you for the blog compliments – I really appreciate that! Unfortunately, right now I’m not adding any new blogs to my blog roll, but I change it often, so make sure to stop back because you never know when I add new favorites. xo Jenna