Master Closet Progress + Video Tour

Hopefully the “video tour” got you enticed to check out the progress of my master closet.  As I made mention of two weeks ago (plus tweeted about, shared on my FB wall, and instagrammed about), I decided on a direction for shelving to replace the middle-of-the-night-fallen-shelves. It’s been over a month (crazy, I know), but the update is finally in progress – thank goodness!

Thanks to my hollas-to-the-heavens, my friends over at ClosetMaid came to my rescue with their Impressions closet line, a complete do-it-yourself melamine (faux-wood) closet system.  On Friday, I received all the parts and pieces and got right to work!

But first, let’s take a few steps back and show you the dreaded before pic.

Frightening – I can’t believe I just shared these pictures!

Once I had a plan in action, I got started by clearing out everything from the space.  Even though the clothes weren’t hanging anymore, the closet became a dumping ground over the past few weeks. Shoes and “other stuff” had to get out. Then it was time to paint.  Yes, I didn’t want the plain ole’ white walls anymore and since we were starting from scratch in the space, it was the perfect moment to bring some color to the walls (AND CEILING)!

Gone with the white and IN with Benjamin Moore Texas Leather for the walls and Glidden Autumn Crisp Leaves for the ceiling.  If you missed my Design Concept for the space, here it is again…

See how thrilled I was to get started…

A bandana wrap was a must on my head – paint in your hair is a paint to get out!

So the soon-to-be-gorgeous-closet was painted and ready for shelving.  Fast forward to this past Friday and all the shelving was finally here!  I waited no time before starting the process of putting together all the components.  The Closetmaid Impressions system is like a kit of parts.  There are different shelving and hanging units that once put together give a custom result.  You would never know from the finished product that this is a DIY (do it yourself) system.  I’ve worked on alot of high-end client homes and this collection is absolutely comparable in style (and even better than some), yet costs a fraction of the amount.

Anyway, there was alot of shelving.

It was surely overwhelming looking at all those boxes thinking we had to put everything together.

But that thought past in about 3 seconds flat and I got right to work…

I started with the drawers and after just a few minutes, I knew this product was really good – high quality & durable – and the instructions were very easy to follow.  Isn’t it annoying when you’re putting something together and you can’t understand or read the directions?  Or even worse when there is missing pieces?  Nope, not with this system.  Out of all the boxes, there was not one piece damaged and no missing parts.

Once the drawers were done and the kids were in bed, the mister and I started our Friday evening date night building and building and building.  And then again Saturday, we kept building and building and building.  After about 15 hours in all – yes it took a long time – the last screw was put into the wall and we were done.  Exhaustion doesn’t even describe how we felt, but the result was totally worth all the effort.

Because of the size and configuration of the closet, it’s almost impossible to photograph it as a whole, so I put together a quick, totally-unedited (and a bit dorky) video tour of the space.  Enjoy!

excuse the faintly screaming child in the background

The endless piles of clothes, shoes, bags, and belts still need to be put into the closet, but here’s a peak at some of the details:

So different, right?  I think I might hide out in here from now on.

 So there you have it!  I’m super psyched to clear out the bedroom floors and fill these shelves and drawers, FINALLY! I hope to share the final reveal next week.

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  1. Michele in Il. says

    How fun! I love putting things together like Ikea stuff. I feel like I’m a carpenter! haha
    Your closet will be beautiful!