Project Fail = a Better Solution

Well maybe not a better solution, but rather the Right Solution.

This morning I had a major #projectfail.  Well maybe it wasn’t major, but the completion of this particular project hinged on the completion of my ClosetMaid Master Closet.  I’ve been psyched to share the reveal, but without this last detail, the space isn’t done.

So what am I referring to are you thinking? The light fixture.

I had envisioned creating a do it yourself yarn light.  I had seen a few tutorials online and thought I had the steps down pat, but somewhere along the way, something went wrong because what was supposed to look like this…

Project inspiration via Pickles

Ended up looking like this…

Total #ProjectFAIL

I think the yarn wasn’t completely dry so when I popped the ball, it deflated ;(  I had started the project 3 days ago and have no idea why the yarn never dried.  I had it sitting in front of the heater and everything.

Anyway, I had to regroup, reevaluate, and moved on to Plan B.

I had really wanted the light fixture to be a DIY project, but since I need this space done, off to the lighting aisle at Lowe’s I went!

Of course when I first went into Lowe’s, I was distracted by some DIY inspiration and paint that I needed for my daughters room.

Then I got back on track and headed to the lighting aisle to check out what I really needed.

I was thinking of an idea in my head, but nothing was just right.  Then I found a ceiling-mounted fixture that I adored and the price was right at $22.  The stars were aligned and I bought it – last one too.

Major Score!

In the end, this new fixture is probably the right one (and probably better than my original DIY idea) because it will give off more light (the other fixture had only 1 bulb and it’s a dark space) + be less distracting (the other fixture was large) to the gorgeous shelving.

Lesson learned…  The result can’t always be how it was originally envisioned, but the result may be just as good or even better!

I’m off to get this fixture hung and I hope (crossing my fingers) to share the final reveal tomorrow or at the latest on Friday – pinky promise ;)

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