Get Focused: Creative Tips for Better Photography + Ebook Giveaway

I’m finally not as frustrated with picture taking as I used to be.

I’m now taking photos that I always desired.

My photography skills are really coming along and it’s all thanks to Kristen Duke.  A few weeks ago Kristen gave me the opportunity to review her Ebook, Say NO to Auto.  With her easy-to-understand writing, I learned so much about the basic steps to understanding manual camera settings instead of always depending on the auto-setting.  I loved having so many camera revelations after reading Kristen’s 1st Ebook. After experimenting with my camera for quite a while, I was ready for more!  Thus Kristen’s 2nd book, Get Focused!

Get Focused is Kristen’s follow-up, more in-depth Ebook on creative tips and techniques to bringing your photography to a higher level. The Ebook is geared towards those who want to better understand the focusing functions of their camera. Topics include: why different lenses are better for some situations, varying creative methods to get blur in the foreground or background, and camera functions and settings that work best in certain situations.

The Ebook includes 20 mini pages (in jpeg form) and are sized to be printed as 4 x 6 pictures.  Once printed you can easily put them on a ring, bind them, or create a mini album.  I printed both my Ebooks, put them on the ring, and are now permanently in my camera bag ready to reference for those not-so-sure moments.  Get Focused is $12 for the e-copy; $22 for the printed copy.

My favorite part of Get Focused?

Kristen’s thorough description of her suggested lenses and her personal go-to favorite.

To start off the Ebook, Kristen shares a thorough description of the various types of lenses you could purchase, the pros and cons of each, and what setting you would use each lens for.  I can’t tell you how much I learned from this section alone.  For me, I always know what I want a picture to look like, but always have difficulty with how to achieve it.  The type of lens you use, truly makes a difference!

Some suggested lens are:
1. Nikon 50 mm
2. Nikon 85 mm
3. Canon 70-200mm
4. Tamron 28-75mm

Both, Say NO To Auto and Get Focused, are packed full of useful information for anyone wanting to learn more about photography.  I encourage you to grab these two Ebooks, as you will learn so much and can easily reference back to them time and time again.

You can snag Kristen’s Ebook for $12 by clicking {here} or you can enter to WIN ONE!  If you’re a manual-mode-wannabe, I’ve got some great news for you. Kristen is giving her Ebook, Get Focused, away for FREE to One Lucky Winner.

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And just so you know, if you decide to purchase the book and end up being the winner, no worries. Kristen will refund your purchase.

Good Luck and Happy Snapping!

Disclosure: I was provided with the Ebook, Say NO to Auto, to review for this post.

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  1. Liz says

    i can’t wait to get started! i have always wanted to learn, this will motivate me to pull the trigger and make the invstnment purchase (for myself) before the holidays!

  2. Linda says

    I am not sure what my favorite lens is, but I am hoping to find out (need to know for my Christmas list). I have an 18-55 which is good for things not too far away, and also a 75-300 (for my Canon EOS Rebel XT). I love both of them, but hate having to change between both lens! I am hoping to find a good one that will do both close and distance. Going to have to buy the first book (desperately need it!) and hoping to win this one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. says

    I LOVE my Canon 50 mm lens … it’s super easy to use … but it’d be so helpful to really learn how to use some of the other, more specific & creative lenses. <3

  4. Susan says

    Thanks for making me aware of this book–I stay in Auto! Manual sounds too much like a stick-shift car at which I am hopeless…so I’d love to win but will buy otherwise!