Top Post Review, Accomplishments, and Goals

The end of the calendar year always seems like the ideal time to reflect on the past years happenings.  To start off 2012, I shared some posts on my home goals for 2012, plus your favorite top posts from 2011 and a month to month review on the years accomplishments.

Call me lazy or call me simple, but this year, I’m lumping it all into ONE!

Your Favorite Posts, Top DIY Posts, and Accomplished Goals for 2012 at

Let’s dig in…

It always fascinates me what projects that YOU, my loyal readers, will end up loving.  Sometimes I’m blown away by the # of pageviews a post will get and other times I’m surprised a project hasn’t gone more bonkers.  You all surely keep me on my toes as I continue striving to inspire.

The top 10 from 2012 (starting with your #1 favorite) are:

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Your favorite posts are certainly a mix of DIY creations and decorating ideas.  And y’all certainly want to create pretty walls with photo displays – 2 of the top favorites are posts on creative wall montages. Let’s check out what your favorite DIY projects of 2012 were…

Your favorite DIY posts of 2012 are:

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My 2012 home goal followup…

Looking back, I’m pretty proud of myself because 5 (5-1/2 to be exact) out of 6 projects that I set out to tackle in 2012, actually got done.  To be honest, after writing that post I never really looked at it again.  I, of course, made a mental note of what I wanted to accomplish, but I really didn’t remember what I had included.  Here are the before and afters…

Goal #1: Master Bathroom Makover

Master Bathroom MakeoverDone!

Goal #2: Replace Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan1/2 way Done.  The bedroom fixture got replaced, but the fan in the living room still needs to be updated.  I have a new light chosen, but it’s been on backorder for way too long.  It’s supposed to ship in January – hopefully thinking ;)

Goal #3: New Carpet

Staircase Makeover

Done, but in a different way – Well the carpet wasn’t actually replaced on the stairs and 2nd floor, but instead was removed from the staircase, which are now wood.  This was a huge, but amazingly satisfying project. And still one that I look back and admire everyday.  Additionally in this space is the new foyer floor using luxury vinyl tile

Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile

Goal #4: Painting Wood Mouldings

DIY_Painted MouldingsDone! This was a “we’ll see” project and I actually did it.  I have to say, the house now looks so much fresher and newer with white mouldings.  The transformation is truly amazing!

Goal #5: My Boys Room Revamp

Boy Bedroom MakeoverDone and so satisfied!

Goal 6: Master Bedroom Makeover

… well somehow that’s still in progress, but that’s what 2013 is for, right??!

So that’s it!  Top favorite posts, top DIY posts, and my accomplished goals for 2012.  This past year has brought me so much fortune and I can not begin to explain how lucky I feel in the many facets of my life.  I’m so thankful to have partnered many phenomenal companies, as well as had the opportunity to make and develop so many wonderful friendships across the web – thank you ALL.  And most importantly, I thank my loyal and kind readers who return time and time again to be inspired.

Lastly, goals for 2013?

I have many.  I have many projects brewing in my head already.  Thankfully, there have been a few that you’ve already confirmed that you’d like to learn more about.  I have some major goodness coming in 2013, you just wait…

Here’s to another exciting year ahead and thank you ALL for joining me on this crazy adventure!

Cheers to 2013!

Cheers to 2013!

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