Overcoming Design Challenges and Defining Your Design Style

For many, decorating a home can often be a challenge.  Choosing the “right” color or piece of furniture can be difficult.  Or trying to cohesively integrate multiple spaces can be overwhelming.

Have you ever asked yourself,

“Does this work with this?”
“I like this, but I don’t think it goes with that.”
“I like color, but it wouldn’t look good in this room, so I’ll stay with white

Sound familiar?  If so, I put together 3 steps to define your design style in hopes to leave the fears and frustrations behind, and in turn, help move forward in creating a space you’ve always desired.

Overcoming Challenged and Defining Your Design Style

Defining your design style is the key to creating a space that reflects what you love and what is meaningful.

To read my 3 tips, head over to the remainder of my post on Namebubbles.com –>Defining Your Design Style

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