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Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Amy of Eat Sleep Decorate. Welcome Amy…

Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series featuring Amy of Eat Sleep Decorate.  Come read her inspiring story on how she has created a meaningful home!


Hi there! I am Amy from the blog Eat.Sleep.Decorate. I am so honored that Jenna asked me to be a part of the blogging series Creating a Meaningful Home. I feel that your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle. It should be a place of relaxation, but also a place where everyday life and memories happen.

As a blogger and designer I have set out to make my home a meaningful place filled with history. I try to incorporate both antique and modern pieces into my home. Pieces that have a story are the best, whether they are from a family member or from Target…they must have a story to tell.

In my dining room sits an antique settee that has been passed down four generations. I remember it sitting in my grandparents front living room and wondering what the story was behind the piece. Now I have it in my home along with a story to tell. The photographs above the couch also tell a story of our travels to Paris a few years back. So many wonderful memories.

My guest bedroom also holds a neat family heirloom…the rot iron double bed. This bed used to be upstairs in my great grandparent’s farm house in Pennsylvania. My mother remembers sleeping in this bed as a child. I have kept the chipped, worn look because of the history and story it brings into the room.

I also think a meaningful home is filled with love. When I look around my home there are so many DIY projects that loving family members have helped me with. The wainscoting in my striped hallway was completed for a Christmas gift from my brother, my shoe shelves were installed with the help of my father and my mother helped me add trim the Ikea drapes in the living room.

To me a meaningful home doesn’t mean having the latest and greatest to impress your guests, but having pieces that can tell a story, that are collected over time and a home that’s filled with love.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my home and my heart today and a HUGE thank you to Jenna for having me!

I adore how Amy has integrated the family heirlooms with her modern day finds + DIYS.  It’s exactly her taste & style, and what a home should be made of.  One of Amy’s favorite projects is the recent closet update for her soon-to-be adopted baby.  Such an adorable and subtle way to spruce up a room and I am so happy for her growing family.

Stenciled "Spotted" Nursery Closet by Amy of Eat. Sleep. Decorate.

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