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Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Jaime of That’s My Letter. Welcome Jaime…

Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series featuring Jaime of That's My Letter.  Come read her inspiring story on how she has created a meaningful home!


 Hello SAS Interiors readers, Jaime here from That’s My Letter to share my meaningful home with you.

There’s no magical formula to creating a meaningful home.

It’s about making the space your own and for me that means straddling the fine line between honoring the past while keeping the present needs of my family in mind.

A home that serves my family well with space to share meals and tell stories.

A functional place to house all the necessities.

A meaningful home reflects my family’s lifestyle and makes good use of all that we have.

A place to celebrate the daily ritual and cherish the normal routine of coming and going.

Creating a meaningful home is injecting all that your are into the mundane of home life.

Here in the dining room it meant stripping away hundreds of years of paint from the stairway door to reveal the character and beauty that lies beneath.

Embracing our home’s character with meaningful planters.

But most importantly it’s the human presence that means the most, making our house a home.

Hope you enjoyed what home means to me.

Jaime is a building machine.  She is in no way shape or form afraid of a power tool or a hammer.  Her creations are so incredible that I believe she could build a house with only her bare 2 hands.  That being said, one of her more recent DIYs that I think came out awesome is this Pipe & Wood Slats Bed

pipe wood slat bed headboard created by Jaime of That's My Letter

Head on over to That’s My Letter, and give Jaime a BIG HELLO!

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