The Perfect Border for your Beds

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As I mentioned last week while sharing ideas on creating an outdoor oasis, we've been fast + furious over the past few weeks on sprucing up the outdoors of our humble abode. It's what's happening around our little ole' homestead in the North Country and I am excited to share the updates we've … [Read more...]

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

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I don't know about you, but around our homestead, it takes a solid 3 weeks to get the outdoors prepped + spruced to enjoy for the coming warmer months ahead. As the final piles of snow melted only a little over a month ago, work began on Summerizing the exterior.  FINALLY after many trips to the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Revamp a Laundry Room on a Budget

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It's been a week since I shared my revamped laundry room and load #7 was just finished & folded. The new space that took me a weekend + $200 to complete has been a gamechanger for how I feel about doing laundry. Laundry has always been my nemesis. I can't say I love it now, but for the last … [Read more...]

Laundry Room “Closet” {Reveal}

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If you didn't see yesterday's post, you have to read that first.  This is one of those makeovers where... you have to see the 'before' to truly appreciate the 'after'.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, last weekend was a busy one around the ole' homestead.  In between activities for the kids + … [Read more...]

A Not-So-Lavish Laundry Room

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This past weekend was a busy one at the ole' homestead!  From exterior work on the garden to shuffling kids to various sports activities, it was non-stop.  And when we did have a few minutes of "down time", we started a new project inside... It's a horrid-looking space that has been a catch-all … [Read more...]

Gardening Made Easy

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Spring is shining and that means gardening season is upon us.  With that comes excitement and a bit of angst.  As one who doesn't have the greenest thumb on the block, I love & dread  the thought of growing flowers.  I always try to put my best foot forward, but somehow my foot often ends up … [Read more...]

Front Door: New Style + New Color


Typically I can choose a paint color within minutes.  Rarely do I sit, ponder, question, and debate.  But my wham-bam-paint-color-decision-making streak is over since I had the most difficult dilemma choosing a color for our new front door. Late last year we said farewell to our solid front … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Mantel

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Goodness the last 2 weeks have been crazy busy.  Spring arrived, and off we went... sports, activities, it doesn't stop!  I have a slew of projects that I want to share with you (and I will, no worries) from the living room makeover + more, but I haven't had 2 seconds to pull it all … [Read more...]

Living Room Makeover {Resources}

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  disclosure: I collaborated with a few of my favorite companies on this makeover including Minted, World Market, and Valspar Paint.  I reached out to them & I am truly thankful that they believed in me to showcase their awesome product(s) for this room redo!  All items were chosen by … [Read more...]

Living Room Makeover {Reveal}

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I hope you are having a wonderful week.  I am in pure bliss at the moment.  Between the amazing 60 degree sunny days we've been having + finishing the living room, I am incredibly delighted.  plus my little guy is going to be turning 9 in a few days and that just makes my heart happy... So yes, … [Read more...]