Year Two = Continued Inspiration

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Not even realizing it, the two year anniversary of my business and blog already past. How crazy is it that this happened and I totally forgot?  I knew the 2 year mark was approaching but when I looked at the actual date on the calendar (yesterday), it suddenly dawned on me that I started this … [Read more...]

DIY: Travel Subway Art Sign

Travel Subway Art Sign, via

I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the first officially days of Fall - the leaves are starting to change here, how about in your neck of the woods? Like usual, I've been knee deep in creating new DIY projects and one in particular that I just finished up has been on my to-do list for … [Read more...]

FREE $40 at Paper Coterie

Paper Coterie Wall Art

One of my favorite go-to online spots for cards, calendars, and more is Paper Coterie. And they've got a DEAL FOR YOU! The fabulous circle of friends behind this awesome company, wonderfully helps share and document all the special moments in life.  And they are super cool and generous as well … [Read more...]

Happenings on the Homestead: 2 Big Projects Comin’ Up


It's been a while since the last happenings on the homestead, and even though I share alot of personal DIY projects from around my home, I don't often share with you what's happening and what's ahead.  So let's recap a bit... June was filled with my big staircase makeover, July was bustling with … [Read more...]

18 Easy Decorating Ideas for Fall

18 Easy Decorating Ideas for Fall

Within the last few days, signs of Fall have been peaking through here in the Northeast.  The cooler temps are setting in and the early stages of the soon-to-be-colorful changing leaves has begun. This past weekend, I enjoyed some downtime apple picking with my family and yesterday I made a … [Read more...]

Autumn Mantel

Fall Mantel by @Jenna_Burger

I've been loving the cool temps over the past few days, have you?  For me, there's no transition time once September hits.  A switch goes off in my head that says "Fall, Fall, Fall".  Thankfully I haven't dug out the sweaters yet, BUT I did gather some decor for my newest mantel for the coming … [Read more...]

14 Festive Fireplace Mantels for Fall

14 Festive Fireplace Mantels for Fall

Fall is a favorite time of year for me. Even though it's not technically a new year, with the kids returning to school, it feels like a new beginning. I treasure the breezy days of late September when we get to pack away the sandals and replace them with riding boots and polar fleeces. I enjoy … [Read more...]

Autumn Flowers + My Go-To Flower for Fall

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This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine. As we come out of winter hibernation and start to enjoy the first warm days of Spring, my mind immediately goes to outdoor projects.  I get all excited about the beautiful flowers that will start to grow and the endless … [Read more...]

From Wood to White: How-To Paint Mouldings


If I could sum up my Summer in DIY terms, it was all about painting. From the staircase to my office chair, from the white shelves to the new blue room, I think there was 2 (or maybe even 3) weeks straight that I had a paintbrush in-hand everyday!  Honestly, I'm kind of sick done with painting for … [Read more...]

Seven Series: Industrial Style Barstools


I'm on the hunt... ...for industrial style barstools.  This time it's not for a client, but instead for moi :) I've started a few blog series here & there throughout my blogging career, but sad to say that none lasted too long.  But, I'm starting a new one called Seven Series, were I'll … [Read more...]