DIY: 3 in 1 Kids Play Tent – A Lowe’s Creative Idea

DIY: 3 in 1 Kids Play Tent

I hope you're having a great week and I want to thank all of you who left such kind comments about my daughter's room makeover. I already shared one DIY creation in the room (the washi tape initial) and I'm back today to share another part of the space for my first challenge as a Lowe's Creative … [Read more...]

Big Girl Bedroom {Reveal}

Big Girl Bedroom via

There's been a whole lotta room tours around here lately, and the latest space I'm {revealing} is my daughter's newly revamped big girl bedroom. Honestly, I'm not sure who's more excited about this space - me or Big Girl "A". So here it is... For a little reminder, this is what "A's" … [Read more...]

From Wire to Wood: Master Closet Makeover {Reveal}

Master Closet Makeover using ClosetMaid Impressions via

Gone with the white wire and hello to gorgeousness wood (well faux-wood to be exact)! Despite the slight hiccup of yesterday's light failure, I quickly resolved the issue, installed a new light (well the mister did that actually) and I can officially say the space is DONE!  I spent a few hours … [Read more...]

Project Fail = a Better Solution

#ProjectFail Projects don't always work out as planned

Well maybe not a better solution, but rather the Right Solution. This morning I had a major #projectfail.  Well maybe it wasn't major, but the completion of this particular project hinged on the completion of my ClosetMaid Master Closet.  I've been psyched to share the reveal, but without this … [Read more...]

Colorful Washi Tape Initial

DIY: Washi Tape Initial

This is the first DIY project that I'm sharing having to do with my daughter's room makeover. The makeover has been takin' a wee-bit longer than anticipated, not because of design challenges (thankfully) but because of her actually using the room (to sleep, to play, etc.), lol.  I tackle many of … [Read more...]


Lowe's Creative Team member

... to announce that I am the newest member of the Lowe's Creative Team! Haven't heard of the Lowe's Creative Team? You're in for a TREAT! Lowe's was uber-smart in reaching out and partnering with influential Professional DIY (do it yourself) Bloggers to share creative ideas and projects … [Read more...]

Eclectic Family Gallery Wall

Eclectic Family Gallery Wall via

Updating areas around the house, on the cheap, is my M.O. (short for modus operandi in latin - did you know that?)! I love either, 'shopping my home' for items I already own or creating a new vignette or gallery wall with a mix of DIY projects and upcycled decor.  Recently I did just that, and … [Read more...]

Master Closet Progress + Video Tour

Master Closet Progress Using ClosetMaid Impressions

Hopefully the "video tour" got you enticed to check out the progress of my master closet.  As I made mention of two weeks ago (plus tweeted about, shared on my FB wall, and instagrammed about), I decided on a direction for shelving to replace the middle-of-the-night-fallen-shelves. It's been over a … [Read more...]

Kmart Rocks with a Big Layaway Giveaway

layaway from - Mozilla Firefox 9262012 15801 PM.bmp

This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart Layaway blogger, though all opinions are my own. Thinking back on my childhood years, the only store that I ever remember having a layaway program, where you could put items on hold and then pay a little each week, was Kmart.  Most likely with the growing … [Read more...]