House Tour 2016


I've been blogging a long time - almost 6 years to be exact. Over this half decade, our home has changed, evolved, and become a place that is filled with meaning + reflects who we are & where we've been. And along the way, there hasn't been a single surface that's gone untouched - sometimes … [Read more...]

DIY Office Organization


Hey All! It's been a while. Got Spring cleaning fever?  Want to finally tackle your office space to be neat + clean + ORGANIZED?! I have a new post over at, on my Design Page, about creating a well organized office using DIY creations. Store-bought organizers to keep the office tidy … [Read more...]

Savvy Solutions to Get a High-End Look for Less


I just returned from a weekend away giving design talks at the Hudson Valley Home Show in Upstate New York.  It was the second opportunity for me to partner with HGTV Magazine + TD Bank for their Rolling Renovation Tour which has stretched from Maine to Miami since February and will continue through … [Read more...]

Come Meet Me!

rolling reno1

Happy Friday! A few weeks back, I was in Boston for a meet-and-greet + design talk in collaboration with HGTV Magazine & TD Bank.  Well this weekend I'll been doing it again, but this time I'll be at the Hudson Valley Home Show in Poughkeepsie - about 1.5 hour north of … [Read more...]

DIY Rolling Door Hardware using Plumbing Pipe


There are some do-it-yourself projects that are wham-bam-done and then there are those DIY creations that seem to take as long as building a house... Well I just wrapped up a fantastic, in my eyes, DIY project but it didn't come without a hundred hurdles along the way.  BUT we - yes, the Mister … [Read more...]

DIY Ideas for Book Organization

Crate Bookcase

Happy Monday + Happy Spring! Even though it doesn't feel like Spring at the moment with a 30 degree chill, I am so thankful we didn't wake to snow this mornin' like those in NYC and Boston.  By the weeks end, I hear temps will be back in to the 50s - 60s. Phew.  Snow in Spring... what? Anyway, … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Wreath

SPRING WREATH: A simple + easy 10-minute creation to adorn the front door.  It couldn't be easier to make and a lot less expensive than buying.  Easy-to-follow tutorial @

I'm ready for spring. Winter - thankfully - didn't hit us hard this year in the North Country of NY, but I'm still ready for warm + sunny weather to once again appear. To welcome the coming change of season, I wanted to adorn my door with something new. Typically when April hits, I change over … [Read more...]

Fuschia + Turquoise Bedroom Makeover

Teen Room Makeover with colors of mint, turquoise, and fuchsia + layers of texture and vibrant patterns. Design by

The 3rd + last teen room makeover that I recently finished is ready to share. Whether for your teen or for yourself, I hope you've been inspired by affordable, outside-of-the-box style + creations to create a bedroom space that is unique, meaningful, and stylish. It was a blast to design + create … [Read more...]

DIY Toy Organization


Hi All!  It's been a bustlin' few weeks with prepping for my quick trip to Boston + a slew of client projects. In the meantime, I have a fun + uber helpful new post up on With yesterday's crazy warm weather, Spring organizing + cleaning was all I could think about (aside from getting the … [Read more...]

Rolling Renovation Tour

Jenna Burger in Boston on the Rolling Renovation Tour with HGTV magazine + TD Bank

This past weekend I was in beautiful Boston to give a presentation on DIYing in the home...  savvy solutions to get the high-end look for less, to be more specific. It was actually my first time since the good ole' college days presenting to a large audience and as much as I was anxious + … [Read more...]